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Edit images directly in your email

When it comes to email marketing, HTML emails are the most popular format with senders and the images inside HTML emails are the most important element of a successful email marketing campaign. We realise that when sending an HTML email, finding the right image and then editing it requires a level of technical skill which…

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How will Amazon WorkMail Affect Your Email Marketing?

Last week Amazon announced that it will be expanding into email services with the launch of a new cloud based service known as WorkMail. This service is similar to Gmail in that it is hosted in the cloud but unlike Gmail it is aimed mostly at businesses and integrates with most web clients including Microsoft Outlook with Amazon…

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Sendloop is connected to 250+ apps with Zapier

In today’s world, we all use multiple apps to help us with our day to day needs, like sending email, managing our customers, handling customer support, chatting with our website visitors, organising meetings, purchasing online and much more. Whilst having all these different solutions at the tip of your finger is great for your business,…

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Introducing Sub-User Accounts

At Sendloop we believe in listening to our users and responding to their needs, and we are very excited to unveil one of the most popular feature requests we have for a while. We have been working on this feature for the last 4 months and we are happy to announce that it’s now available…

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Your Email Marketing Deliverability Checklist

Email marketing is a very effective way to grow your business, but if your emails are landing in your recipients’ spam folders instead of their inboxes you’re not going to get the results you want. Even as a legitimate email marketer, there are some common problems which can lead to your emails being wrongly marked…

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Email Open Rates by email subject personalization

Subject Line Personalisation and it’s Effect On Email Open Rates

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last year you’ve almost certainly heard about the power of personalisation. Personalisation can make a huge difference to your marketing efforts, whether you are using email, advertising or any other form of marketing. With technology advancing at a rapid rate, we are finding more sophisticated ways…

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How Your Email Subject Lines Can Affect Your Open Rates

The subject line is the most important part of your email but how often have you skipped over devising a great subject line in favour of an attractive design or detailed content? Whatever you are trying to achive with your email marketing it’s essential that you pay attention to your subject line if you want to…

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4 Email Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore in 2015

2014 is starting to draw to a close and for many businesses this means getting ready for next year. In 2015, as in other years, it’s predicted that email marketing will play a major part in the marketing strategy for most businesses although new trends along with developments in technology could lead to a few changes…

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Announcement: Sendloop to Team Up with Local Investors

Sendloop has been going through some changes lately and we are very excited to officially announce that we have entered into a new strategic partnership with a group of local investors. Photo taken just after the closing at Baker & McKenzie International office on 1st December 2014 These investors include Webrazzi founder Arda Kutsal, Selcuk Sarac – founder of…

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Are You Ready for Cyber Monday?

If you have an online store, you will probably already know about Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday and like Black Friday, it’s an opportunity for businesses to increase sales and get the attention of holiday shoppers by offering discounts and special deals. Where Black Friday is for physical retailers, Cyber Monday…

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