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Importing Highrise contacts in 60 seconds

In our “in 60 seconds” series, we will explain how to import Highrise contacts to your Sendloop account in 60 seconds. Highrise is one of the most popular customer relationship management service which helps you to save and organize notes, email conversations and keep track of deals. It’s a great way to keep your contacts…

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Integrating Unbounce landing page with Sendloop in 60 seconds

Unbounce is the ultimate landing page builder and A/B testing tool. It provides an easy to use user interface to build awesome landing pages and a/b test them to reach the highest conversion rates. One of the most exciting feature in Unbounce is ability to publish a conversion form on your landing page, such as…

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Importing LinkedIn contacts to Sendloop

Importing your LinkedIn contacts to Sendloop in 60 seconds

LinkedIn is the #1 stop for getting connected with your business network. When you have a new product, new event or something new you would like to share with your business network, in addition to LinkedIn’s status update, it’s always a good idea to get in touch with them by email. However, sending an email…

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The Effect of Gmail Image Proxy to Email Marketers

Recently Gmail announced its latest feature, called Image Proxy. Before diving into details on this feature and its effect on email open detections, let me mention that it’s the only feature released by email services in the last few years that’s beneficial to email marketers. You’re reading this right. Gmail’s latest feature is a big…

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Why does double opt-in confirmation matter in email marketing?

Before diving into this topic, I want to explain the “opt-in” terminology in email marketing. Opt-in means the new subscription of an email address. There are two subscription methods: Single opt-in subscription Double opt-in subscription Let’s look closely at both. Single Opt-in Subscription This method involves a one-click subscription. Your website visitor simply enters their…

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Download free email templates for Christmas and New Year

The Christmas season has just started. It’s the best time of the year for you and to boost your sales. Without any doubt, email marketing is a must-have marketing channel for everyone, from individuals to small businesses, corporations or enterprises, everyone can get benefit from email marketing during the season… However, we are aware that…

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How to send a “Happy New Year” email that converts

The holiday season and New Year are approaching … are you ready for it? Did you define your email marketing strategy for the holidays so that you can get the highest benefits, sales and conversions? In this article, you will learn the 10 most useful tips and ideas to help increase your email’s inbox delivery…

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Happy Thanksgiving Email Template

How to send Happy Thanksgiving email that converts

Every email has a purpose in business, and mainly it’s converting leads into buyers, right? And Thanksgiving Day is approaching, only a day left. You should send an email to your recipients and congratulate their Thanksgiving day. Why? To make a direct sale? Of course no. But to help them remember you, your business. Customer…

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Introducing Sendloop and Zapier Integration

This is a big day! A new partner has been added to our integrated services family. Before diving deeper, let me introduce Zapier. Zapier is the only service which connects apps together effortlessly. This means you can connect your Sendloop account with more than 245 other apps and services within seconds! Zapier is already integrated…

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Convert users to paying customers

Sendloop Marketing Automation Tool will help you to reach the right user, at the right time with the right message. You can easily schedule trial period message schedule, send an email to users who have accessed a specific feature in your app or send “come back” email to users who are not active for X…

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