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High Volume Senders

Sendloop Managed Delivery Service™ is for marketers sending 100k+ emails per month and want to increase delivery rates.

Digital Marketing Firms

Sendloop Studio™ is an email marketing platform made for digital marketing firms to make them email marketing heroes.

On-Premise & Whitelabel

Sendloop On-Premise™ is an email marketing platform that runs on your own servers and you've full control over data.

Small Businesses

Sendloop Classic™ is made for small businesses and provides an easy-to-use platform. Sign-up for a free account.


Celebrating our 22nd year in email marketing


"It all started back in 1999 by developing one of the first enterprise-level on-premise email marketing software..."

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Download Free Email Marketing E-Book

The Email Marketing Best Practices for Higher Delivery Rates

In this e-book, you will learn easy-to-apply best practices about delivering your emails into inboxes in 2021.

  • The power of subject lines
  • No more mail lists, it’s all about the audience
  • Timing is the key
  • Engagement
(and counting)

How Connected Pictures streamlined its email marketing campaigns

Connected Pictures from London was looking for an easy-to-use email marketing platform for its own initiatives, such as The Beautiful Truth. The agency also was looking for a hands-on and experienced team that would help its email marketing campaigns succeed.

Connected Pictures streamlined its monthly email marketing campaigns and also organized its audience under one roof. With the help of the powerful audience management portal, the marketers can target new email campaigns for specific audience groups quickly. Connected Pictures built its email marketing strategy and put it into action in less than a few weeks.

“Sendloop Studio’s platform helped us to build a robust and continuous email marketing strategy. This was the biggest change and helped us to build a strong connection with our audience.” – Christine de León

Christine de Leon
Christine de León
Head of Content, Connected Pictures
Connected Pictures

Why a dedicated email marketing team and platform?

"Getting a team with 20 years of email marketing experience is more than just getting an email marketing platform. Our experienced team and professional email marketing solutions will increase your email marketing ROI and help your business grow in a more efficient way."
Cem Hurturk
Cem Hurturk
Co-Founder, Sendloop

Why Sendloop?


Robust Email Infrastructure

One of the biggest email delivery infrastructure


Exceptional Customer Service

Get one-on-one personal support service from professionals


Advanced Email Marketing Software

Easy-to-use yet powerful email marketing software for your needs


Managed Services

Email marketing services shaped based on your marketing goals

Choose the right email marketing solution

More Than an Email Marketing Platform

If You’re Sending More Than 100,000 Emails Every Month, This Service is For You

Sendloop Managed Delivery Service is for high-volume senders having delivery issues or low open rates. The tailored email marketing platform and dedicated service will boost your growth through email marketing.

24/7 Blacklist Monitoring

No matter how many emails you send, even a few thousands or multi-millions of emails, our experienced email delivery engineers will monitor your deliveries against any possible blacklisting problems.

When the email delivery volume increases, false blacklisting issues will increase. Our team will identify these problems and start de-listing processes on behalf of you. All these incidents will also be reported to you.

Blacklist Monitoring
Reputation Monitoring

Reputation Monitoring

Your delivery reputation (including both sender domain and IP addresses) will be 24/7 monitored by our team.

Instant drop on your reputation will be detected and we will analyze the current situation for you to provide you executive-level status updates.

We will work together with you identify potential problems with your mail lists to help you build sender reputation in the right way.

Microsoft SNDS and Google Postmaster Monitoring

Your deliveries and the health of deliveries will be monitored on Microsoft SNDS and Google Postmaster platforms.

Any potential email delivery problems to these problems will be identified and reported to you.

We will guide you to take appropriate actions to keep your good-standing with these two email service platforms.

Blacklist Monitoring
Sendloop Managed Delivery Service

Tailor Made Managed Email Delivery

No matter how large email deliveries you’re doing, our MDS team will support you. From managed IP/sender domain warm-up processes, to weekly strategy sessions, exclusive delivery analysis to IP/sender domain reputation management, Sendloop MDS will give you a tailored, custom-made managed email delivery service.

Instant Delivery Monitoring and Proactive Actions

Our advanced monitoring systems and experienced MDS Team monitors your deliveries regularly and alerts you for potential risks coming up. Possible solutions to avoid potential risks are discussed during weekly strategy sessions.

Sendloop Managed Delivery Service

Transform Your Email Marketing Into High-Converting Channel​

Imagine Getting Higher Conversion Rates Than Your Competitors

Starts from

$ 1750 per month
  • Microsoft SNDS and Google Postmaster monitoring
  • 24/7 IP and Sender Reputation Monitoring
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Managed IP Warm-Up

The Only Audience Management and Email Marketing Platform For Agencies

Enterprise Level Audience Management Platform

Sendloop Studio brings the enterprise level audience management platform to your digital marketing agency. Manage clients’ audiences easily under one roof, run powerful segmentations for high-converting campaigns.

Sendloop Studio
Sendloop Studio

All Your Clients In One Place
Manage your clients’ audience and campaigns in one place. Switch between your clients with a single click. No logging in and outs.

Sendloop Studio
Integrated With 1000+ Platforms
Integrate your clients’ audience and marketing campaigns with more than a thousand platform through Zapier.
Sendloop Studio
Onboard Your Team
Invite your team members to your Sendloop Studio platform. Set different roles. Get access to activity logs at anytime.

Switching between client accounts shouldn’t be so difficult.

On Sendloop Studio, it’s only a matter of pressing a key. No matter how many clients you manage, switch between them without going back and forth between systems and getting lost between browser windows.

Sendloop Studio
Sendloop Studio
Powerful Segmentation
Segment your clients’ audience based on different criteria and get higher conversion rates from marketing campaigns.
Sendloop Studio
Easy-To-Use Email Builder
Create beautiful email newsletters without need of a web designer. It will take only a few minutes to create mobile friendly emails.
Sendloop Studio
Powerful Report Dashboards
Create customized report dashboards for yourself, for your team and for your clients. No more meaningless reports.

Verify your clients’ mail lists before sending emails

Sendloop Studio’s one-click email address verification feature keeps you in good standing with authorities. No more high bounce rates and delivery problems. Within just a few minutes, verify and filter out the invalid email addresses on your list.

Sendloop Studio

Transform Your Email Marketing Into High-Converting Channel​

Imagine Getting Higher Conversion Rates Than Your Competitors

Starts from

$ 690 per month
  • Managed Email Delivery
  • Unlimited team members
  • 5 Client Accounts Included
  • $0.90 per thousand emails sent

Robust and Heavy-Duty Email Marketing Platform That Runs On Your Servers

Run your own email marketing platform on your own servers

Keep your data in-house. Build and run your own email marketing platform quickly. A robust and high-performance email marketing platform that already powers up 55,000+ users and billions of email delivery every month.

100% White-label

Whether you’re build email marketing platform for your own use or resell to your customers, Sendloop On-Premise is 100% white-label. Re-brand and resell to your customers.

Sendloop Whitelabel

Runs On Your Servers

It’s installed on your infrastructure. Doesn’t require a fortune on infrastructure investment. You have full access to your data and platform code. No data is shared with third parties.

Quick Installation

Installation is pretty straight forward and handled by the experienced Sendloop Team. Optionally, on-site installation service is available.


Easy Maintenance

Maintenance of the software is quick and easy. The regular Sendloop annual maintenance service will give you access to all updates and one-to-one support service.

PowerMTA™ Compatible

Power-up your Sendloop On-Premise with the leading professional MTA solution which is already being used by thousands of ESP’s all around the world. Sendloop fully integrated with PowerMTA.


One-To-One Support

From installation to configuration, training to usage, get professional and one-to-one customer service from the experienced Sendloop Team.

Easy-To-Use Email Marketing Platform

Sendloop On-Premise is a professional and easy-to-use email marketing platform. From drag-n-drop email builder to professional HTML code editor, from engagement booster to real-time campaign metrics, you will get everything you need for high-converting email marketing.


Audience Management Platform

Sendloop On-Premise is more than an email marketing platform. It’s also a powerful audience management platform. Sync your subscriber lists with third party services such as CRM, create unlimited custom fields and segments for effective targeting and personalization.

Full Featured API

Sendloop On-Premise comes with a full featured API that let’s you do all kind of integrations. You can even build a new email marketing platform over the white-label Sendloop API.


Build Your Email Marketing Platform Now

Use your very own email marketing platform for your company and for your clients.

Starts from

$ 980 on-premise license fee
  • Optional on-site installation service
  • One-time perpetual license fee
  • Optional maintenance service
  • Perpetual license

The High-Converting Email Marketing Made Simple

Create beautiful, high-converting emails in minutes

Manage your subscribers and email campaigns without the need of technical skills.

Discover Sendloop in 2 minutes

From subscriber list management to email campaign creating, from reporting to audience management, here’s Sendloop… Take a quick toor in less than 2 minutes.

Import contacts quickly

No matter how many subscribers you have, load them into your Sendloop account in minutes. In addition to email addresses, store unlimited attributes and use these attributes to personalize your email content and narrow down your campaign targeting.

Create & send emails

Sending mobile friendly and properly designed HTML emails is not a problem any more. Sendloop’s easy-to-use drag-n-drop email builder and wide range of email templates will change your email marketing.

Email open rate booster

Sendloop’s unique conversion booster feature lets you boost campaign metrics with just one button click.

Blog (RSS) to email

Do you have a blog or RSS content source? Let Sendloop manage announcement to your audience for you. Sendloop can get latest updates from your blog and send an email campaign to your audience. All without your interaction.

Email Design Slicer and Converter

Do you prefer designing your email on a graphic editor such as Adobe Photoshop? Use Sendloop’s image slicer feature to slice your image into smaller parts, convert into HTML email and send to your audience. You don’t need an HTML coder for this process any more.

Build Your Email Marketing Platform Now

Turn your email marketing into a high-converting one.

Email Slicer NEW

Email Marketing

Full Featured API

Facebook Lead Ads

Subscriber Management

Custom Sender Domains

Extend Features with Apps NEW



Mobile Apps

Multi-User Accounts

Social Media Sharing

Managed Delivery Service NEW

RSS and Dynamic Email Contents

1000+ Integrations

Email Open Booster

100+ Email Templates

Drag-n-Drop Email Builder

Conversion and ROI Tracker

Fanatical Customer Service

Robust Email Infrastructure

Calculate Service Cost

How many subscribers do you have in your mail lists?

Flexible pricing based on your list size

The Sendloop Guarantee

Custom Email Marketing Solutions Designed For Your Business Model

You dream we make it real for you

With 20 years of email marketing experience, we can build your dream email marketing platform.

Customization Service

Have a feature idea? Or want to improve an existing feature based on your needs? Sendloop Customization service will make you the owner of your dream email marketing platform. Customized and tailored based on your needs.


One-To-One Support Service

The experienced Sendloop Team is ready when you have a question or need help. Prioritized support service by email, one-to-one zoom call sessions and dedicated team members included in Sendloop Customization service.


No recurring fees, no hidden fees. Pay for the customization you want and own it forever. There’s no commitment and long-term contracts.


Build Your Email Marketing Platform

Add a feature to your Sendloop On-Premise or build a new platform from scratch.

Starts from

$ 2350 customization service
  • Custom feature development
  • Improvement of existing features
  • Pay-as-you-go and no commitment
  • Premium and one-to-one support service

How Ocelott utilizes email marketing for its clients

Ocelott is an interactive design and communication consultancy agency located in London. It manages clients’ email marketing and social media campaigns. It was always a challenge to create and manage campaigns using clients’ various email marketing services, as well as get feedback.

Ocelott’s marketers are now managing their client email marketing campaigns under their own platform without losing time and energy by managing several different platforms. They also can deliver results faster.

“Thanks to Sendloop Studio, we can run better email marketing campaigns for our clients. We tried almost all email marketing platforms out there but could never get more than what we’re doing with Sendloop Studio.” – Sertac Ogut

Sertac Ogut
Sertac Ogut
Agency Owner, Ocelott

Transform your email marketing with Sendloop

Join thousands of businesses and marketing agencies using Sendloop services to run their email marketing campaigns

"We chose Sendloop over 4 other vendors to announce a new product to our client-base. The customer service is very responsive. Using Sendloop has been a great way to tell our current and past clients about our new products and services."
Marquina Iliev
Digital Marketing Director, Riffle

The Sendloop Guarantee

The Sendloop Guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Sendloop Email Marketing
"The Sendloop Studio team is so awesome to work with; they got us 100% productivity boost on our email marketing services."
Adnan LaPamuk
Adnan LaPamuk
Agency Owner, Konsist

How Konsist manages the email marketing campaigns of dozens of clients every day

Konsist, located in Palm Springs, California, was managing its client email marketing accounts separately, and it was a time-intensive process to switch back and forth between accounts to manage campaigns.

Konsist is now managing all client accounts, assets, and campaigns under one roof. Its productivity is maximized by 100%, and it can deliver results for clients faster and in a better way.

“The Sendloop Studio team is so awesome to work with; they got us 100% productivity boost on our email marketing services.” – Adnan LaPamuk

Adnan LaPamuk
Adnan LaPamuk
Agency Owner, Konsist
Palm Springs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some popular questions we get from our prospects every day

There’re many criteria which differentiate us from other email delivery services. To list a few major ones; one of the biggest email delivery infrastructure, exceptional and one-on-one customer service, tailored email marketing service and platform based on your needs can be a few our unique service offerings.

We are in the email marketing space since 1999. At that time, we’ve built one of the first enterprise-level on-premise email marketing solutions and since then we’ve built several email marketing solutions for different niches and helped ten thousands of customers all around the world.

We have various email marketing services and solutions. Each one of them has different pricing plans, such as Sendloop starting fro $9/month, Sendloop MDS starting from $1750/month and Sendloop Studio starting from $690/month. Please contact us to learn more about our solutions and pricing.

We are email marketing experts with 20 years of industry experience. Our solutions are being used ten thousands of businesses all around the world. Sendloop has been founded by Cem and Mert Hurturk in 2008. Hurturk brothers own another on-premise email marketing company called Octeth since 1999.

It depends. But usually, one IP address can handle hundred thousands of deliveries every day without any problem. The volume and performance of a sender IP address is based on your delivery reputation, spam, and hard bounce rates as well as engagement rates.

Customer satisfaction is our core value. If we cannot make our customers happy, there’s no reason to lock them in. All our services are month-to-month and there’s no commitment. You can cancel your service at any time and we offer 30-days no-questions-asked money back guarantee with all our solutions and products.

If you wait, you will be leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. Every day, your team will spend unnecessary time trying to manage delivery success of your email marketing campaigns. Their frustration will also reflect on their work, and your conversions from email marketing will decline. This is a high-priority problem. You shouldn’t wait to solve it.

You don’t have to be a technical person to run your email marketing with Sendloop. No matter which Sendloop solution you use, it’s easy-to-use yet powerful. Best of all, all our solutions are backed by our experienced team and we provide one-on-one support service by email, zoom calls and screen sharing.

You can reach us anytime via or use your call schedule link to schedule a one-on-one support/strategy call with our team. There’s no helpdesk or in-experienced customer reps between our customers and our team. We’re just one email away from you.

Absolutely no! Sendloop is one of the biggest email delivery platforms with more than 15,000 delivery IP addresses. We have 20 years of email marketing experience and we know how challenging and complicated to delivery an email into the inbox. All technical requirements and compliances are handled by Sendloop but no matter how excellent platform we provide, if you send low-quality content to your un-engaged recipients and get too many spam complaints or hard bounces, you can never deliver your emails into inboxes.

Not a problem. You can use your current ESP while we’re migrating your lists, email templates and campaigns to your new Sendloop account. We have special offerings for our customers switching from other ESP’s. And the migration service is offered free-of-charge.

Absolutely! Once you become a Sendloop customer, you can book a training session with us and we will run a detailed walkthrough of Sendloop and email marketing for one hour. We run our training sessions over Zoom calls and screen sharing.

We don’t believe that the service quality can be sustainable when it’s offered as free. For each customer we onboard, we offer a unique and tailored service based on their email marketing goals. Therefore, we don’t have free service across our solutions. However, for certain solutions, we offer trial access. For more details, please contact us.

Meet The Founders

Cem Hurturk

Cem Hurturk

4x co-founder, 1x exit. Obsessed with creating solutions to real-world problems. Since 1999, built several email marketing solutions for different niches and helped thousands of businesses all around the world to deliver their emails.

Mert Hurturk

Mert Hurturk

A perfectionist and the man behind our technology. He's 4x co-founder and 1x exit entrepreneur. Spends his time writing code, designing more effective systems and learning a new stuff regularly.


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