2010 Statistics

Some Octeth numbers from 2010;

  • Total sales, pre-purchase emails received and answered: 12,180 emails
  • Total support tickets received and answered: 3,315 support tickets
  • Total Oempro versions released: 10 version updates (v4.1.13 – v4.2.2)
  • Total Sendloop.com updates: 30+
  • Total PreviewMyEmail.com updates: 15+
  • Total SenderSuite.com updates: 8+
  • Total Wridea.com updates: 4
  • Team: 10 person spread into 4 countries in 3 continents
  • Total Oempro feedback received: 1,503+
  • Total Sendloop feedback received: 834+
  • Total PreviewMyEmail feedback received: 93+
  • Total SenderSuite feedback received: 103+
  • Total Octeth servers added to the server farm: 1 dedicated server
  • Total Sendloop servers added to the server farm: 5 dedicated servers
  • Total PreviewMyEmail servers added to the server farm: 5 dedicated servers, 60+ virtual servers including iPads and iPhones
  • Total SenderSuite servers added to the server farm: 2 dedicated servers
  • Total Wridea servers added to the server farm: 0

That’s all we have. Are you curious about any other metrics? Let us know and we will share it with you if it’s suitable or countable.

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