Introducing Marquina, Customer Happiness Expert

Sendloop's new customer happiness expert, MarquinaHere at Sendloop we wanted to take a moment to introduce our newest team member. Marquina Iliev has just joined us and she is going to be taking over responsibility for our customer happiness.

Our customers’ happiness is our number one priority and Marquina works day and night to ensure that Sendloop customers are happy and satisfied with our service. She has an MA in Instructional Technology from Columbia University in New York and has been delivering customer driven support to clients using SaaS platforms since 2008.

Marquina is passionate about teaching others how to use technology to achieve their business goals and she has extensive knowledge of Sendloop from her experience as one of our customers. She prides herself in delivering timely, clear answers to help our users enjoy the best possible experience.

When she’s not working, Marquina likes to sing karaoke and compete in air guitar competitions.

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