Introducing WebHooks to get push notifications to your apps

Sendloop WebHook SetupWe think this new feature will make all our developer users excited! In addition to our full featured API, we are happy to introduce WebHook push notification feature to our users.

With the help of our WebHook integration feature, Sendloop will automatically push the subscriber data to your app whenever a certain event occurs;

  • Subscription
  • Unsubscription
  • Hard bounce (invalid) email address detection
  • Spam complaint

If any of these events occur, Sendloop will post the subscriber data along with the event type to the WebHook URL you have entered in your list settings.

This means, you can keep your internal database up-to-date and synced with your Sendloop account much easier.

To learn more about WebHook integration, please take a look at our help article here

To start using WebHook now, login to your Sendloop account

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