[New Feature]: New Email Template Editor

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Congratulations go to our user interface designers and coders for preparing this wonderful email template editor to all Sendloop users.

Sendloop’s new email template editor allows *anyone* to create a professional email without any technical skills. Just point your mouse to editable regions, update the content and click save. That’s all.

In order to create an email based on a template, just click “Template Gallery” option in Campaign Create section:

Creating an email from a template

Select one of the pre-defined email templates from the gallery:

Selecting an email template

Once your campaign settings is set, Sendloop will display you the new email template editor. Move your mouse over editable regions and click. You will see available options related to that editable region. Add images, change HTML code, change text, duplicate, change order, etc.

Email Template Editor

Watch the following video to have a better idea about Sendloop’s new email template editor:

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