[New Feature]: Shopify.com Integration

Today, we completed a new feature integration into Sendloop which integrates Sendloop with Shopify.com — hosted e-store service.

From now on, Shopify.com users will be able to integrate their e-store to Sendloop easily with a few clicks and perform successful email marketing campaigns without importing or spending time on moving customer data to Sendloop. Just enable the Shopify.com integration and Sendloop/Shopify.com will do the rest for you. You just prepare your newsletter and send it to your Shopify.com e-store customers.

More exciting things are happening on Sendloop side. Keep an eye on our blog to get notified instantly.

Thanks to everyone (especially Addison) for suggesting this cool feature.

For more information about how to integrate Sendloop and Shopify.com, please visit here.

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