When it comes to your email marketing, success starts with getting the basics right. While email marketing is known for being a low cost, highly effective strategy, without the right foundations in place your email marketing is likely to falter and could fail altogether, costing you time and money.

It’s easy to get swept up in new trends, but always keep these 10 tips in mind if you want to be sure your email marketing is working to its best advantage.

  1. Always make sure you have a clear opt in process in place. Sending to people who haven’t opted in to receive your emails could get you in legal trouble as this is a breach of anti spam laws in many countries. To be sure your recipients really want to receive your emails, a double opt in process is best.
  2. Create a great subject line. It’s worth spending time writing your subject lines to make sure they really stand out. Your recipients’ inboxes are probably completely overloaded. Your subject line has to make an impact if your emails are going to get read.
  3. Use your name in the “from” field. Identifying you or someone else in your organisation as the sender can make a big difference to your open rates. Sending from a “no reply” email address could mean your emails don’t get read and you will miss out on an opportunity to build a relationship with your recipients.
  4. Put calls to action and important information at the top of the email. Email recipients often scan the first few lines before deciding whether to read the rest. By putting your special offer or most compelling piece of information at the top you can catch their interest straight away and increase the chances they will read the entire email.
  5. Make your emails mobile responsive. Mobile responsiveness has never been so important but a surprising number of organisations still haven’t got their marketing emails optimised for mobile. Be aware that a large number of your recipients will be opening your emails on their smartphone or tablet and if they aren’t mobile responsive, they may not display properly.
  6. Create valuable content. Don’t just see your email marketing as a way to sell to your recipients. Successful email marketing is a relationship building exercise that can eventually lead to a sale. It’s far better to provide valuable, interesting content in your marketing emails that your recipients will learn to trust than hitting them with a sales pitch that is likely to annoy them and lead to them unsubscribing.
  7. Pay attention to design. As well as being mobile friendly, your marketing emails should have a clean, simple and professional looking design. Your recipients are likely to judge your business on the appearance of your emails so you want to make a good impression.
  8. Personalise your emails. This simple technique has been shown to get great results and thanks to developments in technology, personalisation is now easier than ever before. From using a recipient’s name to creating unique emails for each person on your list, personalisation taps into your recipients’ unique needs to boost your open and click through rates.
  9. Always include a call to action. Let your readers know what you want them to do by telling them. Calls to action have been proven to improve the click through rate on your marketing emails.
  10. Use data to measure results. One of the best things you can do for the success of your email marketing campaign is to track the results so you can tell what’s working and what isn’t. Check your data on a regular basis to see what gets results and what needs improvement.

In spite of being around for a long time, email marketing is still a highly effective marketing strategy for businesses of any size and type. By getting the basics right you can help ensure your email marketing reaches its full potential for your business.

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