Banner advertising is one of the most popular forms of an online advertising and a great way to increase your business sales. If you do a high quality banner and place it strategically on appropriate websites many potential clients would come. Here are some tips for you to create effective banner advertising campaigns.

Example of a Sendloop Banner

  1. Make sure your target customer is engaged enough to click the banner ad
  2. Create a landing page on your website and do not forget to add a mail list subscription form. If you don’t have time to create a landing page, create a banner that directly goes to the sign-up or pricing page on your website
  3. Display some graphics and text combined. Use bright colors like green, yellow or blue on your ad. On the other hand avoid black, red or white colors
  4. Create fresh looking banners to get the direct attention of customers
  5. Use different banners and refresh them often to get the clients full engagement into your business
  6. Make your banner clean, simple and attractive in order to get clicked
  7. Use eye catchy layout to attract the potential client and make them to click the ad
  8. Offer some incentives about your service or products such as discounts, gifts or coupons or even free trial to your potential customers who click the ad
  9. Use attractive phrases such as “Click here”, “Enter here”, “Visit now” on your banner ad Place the ad in popular and appropriate sites for your business.
  10. Always track your clicks. You need to know how well your ad is doing. If you don’t like its performance you can always change the colors or content of your ad

Successful banner campaigns can be really effective if you want to drive more traffic to your website. However banner ad alone is not enough in order to make them loyal customers and to generate brand awareness. If you get your potential customers’ emails through the subscription form (sign-up form) on your website, you can easily start to have a relationship with them by sending your email campaigns.

I gave you some tips on our blog today and if you know more tips please share them on comments.