What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. It is a web marketing technique of getting your website to rank higher than the other sites in search engines. All main search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing have these natural, organic or unpaid results which bring traffic to your website or webpage.

Everyone’s dream is to be seen at the top of the search engine when someone searches for your service or products. SEO includes finding and placing specific key words, building links, creating content in order to be recognizable in the search engines.

Following these 7 tips help you to increase your rankings and to improve your SEO experience.

Provide useful, unique and fresh content. High quality and regularly updated content give search engines to find your   products and services. Add interviews, conversations, videos, and information into the content. When you get support emails, prepare them into FAQ pages and display them on your site. Useful content generates more links.

Display top key words on your website. Make a list of important key words about your service or product and make sure that your website appears after typing those words. 

Keep it personal. Give some advice, reviews and opinions about the service or products. Become people’s guide for your business. By doing this you will also get people’s trust.

Improve your site loading speed. Your site loads should be fast, it should not take so long to load. Increasing your site speed will also increase your search ranks. Fast website also helps to improve the customer’s experience on your site.

Provide internal linking. If you get internal links it will help SEO and your customer’s experience. People will get more information about the similar topics they search for. You can create popular posts list and display them in your site.

Post links both to your site and social sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google+). Post your articles or posts on social sites and other related websites that let you to make comment and post the links back to your website. Search engines will track your links back to your site.

Your homepage should have a text description of your top key words. Your potential customer’s can find your website by entering these key words into search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Try to build at least 10 key words for your websites and describe your service or products in the main page by stressing these keywords.

I’d recommend you to check out Search Engine Land, Webmasterworld, SEObook. They are all great sites that provide important information and useful resources for SEO.

We’d love to hear what else you’ve done to increase your rankings.