There is only fifteen days left to the New Year and the owners of the e-commerce web sites know very well that, to increase the sales before the new year, it is a must to start the marketing from now. Starting the marketing process in advance is crucial in regards to follow all-to-do daily. We have collected the tips for you that you should consider to increase your sales before the New Year:

  1. Start planning your main campaign now so that you can start sending your e-mails in the beginning of December.
  2. Consistency is important, so send more than one e-mail, celebration/greeting cards and discount notification.
  3. Give your customers New Year’s Eve guarantee. Tell your customers that if they find out that the price for your product on the New Year Day is better than the New Year’s Eve, you are willing to pay the price gap between the two payments. This behavior will encourage your customers to purchase your products in advance. This way you can compete with the stores in big malls.
  4. What is it that the big chain stores do not have and you do? Underline this so that your campaign can be unique. If you are a small scale enterprise and it is impossible for you to compete in regards to the price, then you can come to the forefront by underlining your boutique product line, quality and your customer services.
  5. To make your marketing campaign stronger and to encourage the potential customers to your e-commerce site, send them online postcards that have coupon codes on them.
  6. Concentrate on sending e-mails about your boutique product line to a well-thought target market.
  7. Offer free services or products that come with the purchased product. An example would be offering a theme-park entrance ticket for every 250TL or more purchase.
  8. To encourage multiple purchases, offer customer loyalty cards. Encourage your customers to buy other products with their accumulated credit/shopping points. You can also offer a specific amount of discount for the customers who encourage their own friends to buy your products.
  9. If you have an actual store, you can organize an event there and offer your customers an alternative shopping experience accompanied with hot chocolate, New Year songs and nice cinnamon essence. To do this, announce your event in social media and e-mails in advance and make sure that people are coming.
  10. To make shopping easier for your customers, involve in your e-mails the links to your discount coupon page. This way your customers can easily use these coupons.
  11. Do not forget that your customers’ shopping tendency increase before the New Year. As creative as you are, you will be seen more. Make sure the titles of your e-mails are attractive and that they clearly explain your campaign.
  12. Do not forget about the products that remain in the customer’s basket. By using the marketing automation system, send your customers automated e-mails that can detect your customers moves in your web site and remind them about the products that remain in their basket to make them buy more.
  13. Automatically send your customer a customer satisfaction questionnaire. In this survey, make sure that you ask them about their opinions on the packaging, quality, send-out time, etc. This way you can keep your service quality high and at the same time make sure that your customers know how important they are for you.
  14. Share your e-mail campaigns on your social media profile. This way you can add your non-subscriber followers to your subscribers list.
  15. Do not send only campaign and product e-mails. Do not forget to celebrate the New Year of your customers who choose you among all other e-commerce websites and shop from you.

Finally, make sure that all of your marketing processes and e-mail send outs are measurable. You can always follow the sales rates and rates of return about your collective mailing and marketing automation that you conduct with Sendloop.

We wish you a happy new year!

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