You must avoid some common email marketing mistakes. If you don’t forget to turn these mistakes into practice, you will definitely see the positive results of your email campaigns. Below are twenty-five of them to avoid when preparing an email marketing campaign.

  1. Sending without having permission
  2. Sending inappropriate, irrelevant and invaluable content
  3. Not to send opt-in conformation email to activate subscription
  4. Ignoring Can-Spam Compliance requirement. Forget to put a valid physical postal address that shows your real identity
  5. Using spam phrases, exclamation marks, capitals in the subject
  6. Ignoring to segment your list based on your subscribers’ preference or behaviors
  7. Not to track and measure your email marketing performance, such as doing A/B split testing
  8. Sending without testing and proof reading
  9. Sending emails without an unsubscribe link in each email
  10. Ignoring recipients’ request to unsubscribe
  11. Not paying attention to timing before sending emails
  12. Using a complicated sign-up process
  13. Use unfamiliar name in your “from” line. Instead use same words that your subscribers identify you and personalize the email’s from field
  14. Use links that points to URL shortening services such as or tinyurl
  15. Ignoring social media
  16. Sending same message again and again
  17. Sending excessive promotions or not sending any promotions at all
  18. Sending too many email or too few emails. Find the right balance in between
  19. Creating emails without thinking mobile readers
  20. Updating your list and sending emails without clearing or refreshing your list
  21. Missing Call to Action. You need to include call to action that has links back your site
  22. Not asking any feedbacks from your subscribers
  23. Creating an image based email with no text
  24. Buying an email list and sending to email addresses that have not authorized you
  25. Ignoring what your competitors are doing or ignoring to keep up with the latest trends

We’d love to hear your ideas on this issue. What else would you add?