In this day and age we all receive tons of e-mails per day. Those emails mostly are for reminding us about campaigns,etc a few of them are asking for a reply. You should be aware of the fact while sending e-mails to our subscribers / customers and waiting for reply from them that everyone has very crowded inboxes. So you have to differentiate your e-mail from the other hundreds of them and grip your subscribers attention. Well, how will you overcome this?

Although yet you have delightful and responsive design and apply A/B testing in your e-mail content they have no effect as much as those 3 essential elements:

Email Preview Text for higher open rates

  1. Sender name and email address
  2. Email subject
  3. Email preview text

Let’s touch on significance of these 3 elements:

1. Sender name and email address

Who sends that e-mail? When you are glancing at the incoming e-mail via your mobile phone or laptop, sender name is the first thing that you glance at. If you could not recognize the sender or the e-mail could not excite your attention you either delete the email or mark as spam. In order to avoid being deleted or marked as spam here are some kindly advices:

  • Use shorter sender names
  • Make sure your sender name represent your company name and brand
  • Use the same sender name in each delivery

In addition to sender name e-mail address quality is crucial as well. You’d better do not use e-mail addresses such as “” Those kind of addresses make subscribers impossible to reply. The aim is make your customers/subscribers to reply. It should not be forgotten that if they make return, you experience deliveries without any problem. And emails that you send will go right into their inboxes!

2. Email subject

Make it short, less than 90 characters if it is possible so receivers could read easily on mobile devices. Please note that, your subscribers have limited time and they decide to open or delete for an email in 1 or to seconds. The more brief and to the point the email subject is the more they open it.

In short,

  • Have pithy subjects (equal or less than 90 characters)
  • Do not use upper-case letters in your subject
  • Do not talk about price, do not mention discount rates
  • Write down subjects which create call-to-action
  • Used customized and direct salutation:
    i.e.: Sally, we have prepared this package for you

3. Email preview text

Today, as Sendloop we have more than 22,000 customers around the globe and we have our users send more than 1300 campaigns per day. When we examine those campaign e-mails we see that there is one essential element as well that many of users miss: Email Preview Text.

Well then, what is this “email preview text”? Clients such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Apple Mail application sums up the email and show that to the receiver. Email preview text is that summary.

Email Preview Text for higher open rates

The importance of the email preview text is on the third rang after sender name and email subject. If you do not create your preview text by yourself ESPs or apps will do that for you but in this way the results are not that successful. In this case your open rate will decrease as a matter of course. Or worse, your subscribers will mark you as spam.

Email Preview Text for higher open rates

How will you compose you preview text for an e-mail?

It is quite simple! In a couple of minutes you may generate the summary and stand out among your competitors. All you need you to do is embed the summary text in <div> after <body> in the HTML code.

For instance;

<div style="display:none;font-size:1px;line-height:1px;max-height:0px;max-width:0px;opacity:0;overflow:hidden;">
    This is the preview text

By using this method you could insert preview text quite easily by yourself, without any help.

Email Preview Text for higher open rates

An effective advice

To be more successful, one could customize the preview text. With the customized email subject and preview text, email will draw much more attention than usual.

Which email apps support preview text display?

At the present time and based on Litmus tests, various email application and service allow emails to appear with summary texts but the app (Hotmail) and Blackberry mail app.

Don’t forget! We have to bear in mind that 53% of the e-mails opened on mobile according to a research that has been done in the 3rd quarter of 2014.

All in all, if you need help about email marketing you may contact us whenever you wish via e-mail from (in Turkish) , (in English) or you may also call us dialing that number +90 (850) 300 3300. We will be glad to help you.

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