2014 is starting to draw to a close and for many businesses this means getting ready for next year. In 2015, as in other years, it’s predicted that email marketing will play a major part in the marketing strategy for most businesses although new trends along with developments in technology could lead to a few changes in the way we market through email next year.

It’s important for any business to stay current. Using the same strategy year after year isn’t likely to get you the results you want from your email marketing. If you want to make the most of your email marketing in 2015, here are some trends and developments you should take advantage of.


The use of data for audience targeting has really come into its own in 2014 and this looks like it’s going to evolve in the future as we get even more sophisticated ways of gathering data and interpreting it. Next year, email marketers will be able to customise email content to suit niche target markets and even individuals for an intensely micro targeted and personalised experience.

This includes the use of dynamic content in emails which means that they can be tailored to suit each individual recipient based on data gathered previously.


Integration across platforms is now easier than ever thanks to developments in technology and to really be effective, your marketing strategy should be streamlined from your email through to your website.

Automation can save you time and many email service providers including Sendloop make marketing automation easy to manage from one place, with the option of designing, writing and sending your marketing emails, not to mention tracking the results from a single dashboard.

Mobile marketing

Mobile use is up again this year and the use of mobile devices to access the internet finally overtook desktop PC use in early 2014. This means that if your marketing emails and website aren’t yet optimised for mobile you run a serious risk of being left behind as fewer and fewer people use desktop computers to look up websites, read their emails and make purchases online.

With more customers than ever using their mobile to make direct purchases, now is the time to make sure any landing pages that your marketing emails link to are also mobile optimised to make it easy for mobile readers to buy from you then and there.


Marketers of all shapes and sizes can’t afford to ignore the volume of data that’s now available but a surprising number don’t make use of it. With the right tools you can now find information about your customers, their buying habits, what pages they’ve viewed on your site and how they have interacted with previous emails.

Data driven email marketing campaigns have been shown to improve open and click through rates, and engage recipients more readily than the more traditional ‘blast’ approach. Next year will see more businesses making use of data in their email marketing, which means that the businesses who don’t may find themselves at a definite disadvantage.

Don’t let your marketing fall behind in 2015! Instead, take advantage of developing trends to stay at the forefront of technology and drive your business forward in the new year.

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