10th of May , 2016, Mother’s Day … If you still don’t have a plan about how to reach your customers, you’re not late.
Mother’s Day isn’t a day that you want to pass up as a retailer. Let us explain the situation with the stat from Statistic Brain:

  • 85.4 million mothers live in the U.S.
  • An average American spends $168.94 for his mom on Mother’s Day.
  • 28.5% of Mother’s Day gifts are bought online.

So do you need an inspiration? Here are four email types showing you how to celebrate Mother’s Day.

1. Email for Gift Suggestion

Who does not need ideas about picking the right little gift? Help your customers by providing gift suggestions. You can highlight your main product or create a gift guide, but while doing this, you need to put the products that moms will love forward. You can organize your gift guide according to personal interests, styles and prices.
Sharing your gift guides on social platforms highlighting visuals, such as Pinterest and Instagram, will be very effective. As our aim is sales, you can make small tests with small budgets by giving ads on these websites and see the benefits.


2. Invitations Mail

Send emails to invite your customers for events, courses, sales and contests. Contest may strengthen your customers’ loyalty and lead them to your stores or website. Let’s say you’re a florist, you can tell your customers to share their photos with their moms and you will send a bunch of flowers to the owner of the most liked photo, on your store’s Facebook page. If you have a bookstore or kitchen utensils store, you can organize recipe contest for Mother’s Day and send e-books for free.
Local retailers can invite their customers to their “real” stores for their events and sales in Mother’s Day. Stores selling dresses may offer discount sales for Mother’s Day, while a local spa center may organize mom and daughter activities for this day.
If you start your marketing activities in advance, you can organize a course focusing on Mother’s Day. For example, Hobby shops may invite their customers to handicraft courses and make them produce their unique gifts for their mom.
If you will send email invitations for such organizations or activities, make sure that all details are included in it.


3. Last Minute Discount Mail

Some customers tend to buy last minute gifts. So, it is better to stimulate them with a last-minute discount email. Make your discount inevitable by the help of a promotion.
In the subject line of your email, clearly specify that there is little time for your offers/promotions and for free shipping. Whatever the message you offer in the way of temptation, make sure that you’ve delivered it correctly and it’s directed your customers to buy.
Let’s look at the following example. This retailer have created a sense of urgency and offered call to action incentives for their subscribers.


4. Mother’s Day Celebration Email

Send an Mother’s Day celebration email as the big day is coming. This e-mail shall never direct people for sales, but shall only contain a message of celebration. You can send this email to everyone on your subscribers list or to those who have purchased your products for Mother’s day. If you’ll send it only to the people who purchased your products, don’t forget to thank them.

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