Landing page is the fundamental part of every email marketing campaign that most of the marketers use.  It is a single webpage separates from the main website and gives specific information about the campaign or advertisement. They are usually used for collecting email addresses, limited-time sale offers, product or service information by marketers.

With the quality-landing page, conversation rates and brand building opportunities may go higher.

As an email marketer, may be you create a landing page completely fits your email marketing campaign. The landing page colors, font size, content catch your target market. The campaign works well and you get your revenue by creating a relevant campaign. However when the time goes by, you may forget to go back and check that campaign again. The information on the page gets old or expires when the time passes.

Below are few suggestions you can use it for your old landing page.

  1. Leave the original URL there for the Google rankings.
  2. You can put up both a link and an explanation about why you no longer offer the service or product or show them the new version of an information or a campaign and take your visitors to the new and related landing page.
  3. Change the content and keep the information up to date in the landing page.
  4. If you use a coupon and if it is expired after the time, the landing page should display a message to let them know that the coupon is no longer available. You can also have a generic coupon code to show on the expired landing page.
  5. You can also use entertaining or funny 404 error code which states page not found and link to a new page on your site.

Keep in mind, subscribers may go back and read your older emails. Your subscribers are valuable for you and they deserve to feel valuable, therefore they should always land the right place even the campaign or information expires. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you to keep the landing page fresh for your subscribers.

If you don’t know how to create a landing page, don’t worry you don’t need to be an expert or need any technical information. You can use a third party service such as unbounce which has so many landing page templates to create your own. Have fun and always remember to keep the information fresh.

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