In my previous blog post, I shared the top 15 content ideas with you to make your newsletters more interesting and worth to read for your subscribers.

It is time to add more new ideas to manage your email newsletter’s content. Here are 5 fresh ideas to keep your email newsletters flowing.

Create a Content Folder

First, you can create a content folder and store them by looking at the content ideas I shared with you in my old blog post. You can do your own research on the web and find new content ideas for your own business. If you have employees you can also make the newsletter content folder visible to everyone so that they can come up with new ideas when they hear, read and see some useful things. Before sending email marketing campaigns, that content folder will help you to create contents easily and effectively.

Watch Your Reports and Statistics

Learn your subscriber’s interest. Watch out your open and click-through rates by checking the subject line of a particular content. Next time you can focus on that content more and write a topic based on the popular one. Always check the website report about your company or service. Find out the specific key words that people type into search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing etc. or your on-site search engine to find you on the web. Create your contents by looking at that information.

Sign-Up to Your Competitors’ Newsletters

Always watch out what your competitors are doing. Sign-up to their newsletters just to get an idea about what they write about the same business you are into. You can get an inspiration and find some keywords inorder to build your newsletters. You can learn their tactics or strategies by looking at their sites, however do not copy what your competitors do in order to stay a head of them.

Conduct a Customer Survey

Conduct a customer survey 2-3 times in a year and get customers feedback about your company, service or product. It will give you some information about your customers’ interests or needs that you need to develop, add new features, improve or change some specific things in your business. This will also give you new content ideas and topics for your next newsletter.

Host Your Company’s Event

Open your business’s door to your customers and show your appreciation. Let them know where you work and let tem them meet you and your coworkers face to face in order to get a strong and loyal connection. If you feel uncomfortable showing your company’s location, you can select a venue and invite them there. The important thing is customers will see whom they work with. Before hosting that event, write about it and promote it in your newsletters.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions let us know in the comments below.