Growing your email list takes time and effort, but the hard work is not over once someone has given you their email address. You will need to take steps to maintain and develop positive relationships with your subscribers if you want them to stay loyal and keep them from unsubscribing.

Sending new subscribers a thank you email after they subscribe is one of the easiest ways to do this. Thank you emails can be configured automatically so they will go out without you having to do anything. This makes them an easy, convenient way to build and maintain relationships with your new subscribers.

Most email subscribers have come to expect a thank you email when they first sign up to a new list but if you want to really keep them interested you will want to go further than just this. Being a bit different can help you stand out from the crowd and increase the chances your subscribers will remember you and open your emails in the future.

Here are five innovative ways you can thank your new, and existing subscribers for joining your list.

  1. Send them a piece of extra content. Maybe your new subscribers have signed up because they love your blog, or they want to download a free e-book. Whatever their reasons, offering them an extra free piece of content, whether it’s a free guide, tip sheet, or access to an exclusive video course can really show your appreciation and bring them back to your site.
  2. Offer a discount coupon. If you run an e-commerce site or any other product based website, offering a discount code or voucher is a great way to thank your new subscribers and it can have the added benefit of nudging them down the path to becoming paying customers.
  3. Send personalised emails at certain milestones. A special offer or freebie on their birthday is always going to make a good impression, or you could send your subscribers an anniversary email thanking them and offering them a discount once they have been a subscriber for a certain number of weeks or months.
  4. Provide subscriber only deals on your products or services. This can help your subscribers feel like they belong as part of your community and gives them an incentive for continuing to subscribe.
  5. Give them sneak previews or exclusive insider information about new products and services. Everyone likes to feel like they are ahead of the rest of the crowd and you can make the benefits go both ways by asking for feedback to help you improve your product or service offerings before you launch officially.

It’s easy to focus all your attention on getting new subscribers but while growing your list is important, keeping the subscribers you have is equally as crucial if you want to be successful with your email marketing.

By showing your subscribers that you appreciate them you can help build great relationships with them and turn them from subscribers into loyal brand advocates and customers.

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