We’ve all experienced the awkwardness of sending an email with a spelling mistake in the subject line or a broken link in the body. While this may be easy to laugh off when the recipient is someone you know, it’s a bit harder to see the funny side when you’ve just broadcast your mistake to an entire list of potential customers.

It only takes one click for a recipient to unsubscribe and if they don’t feel your emails are relevant, valuable or meeting their expectations they probably won’t hesitate to take themselves off your list.

Given the amount of work that goes into building an email subscription list, most marketers want to avoid making any little mistakes that could put off their recipients and lead them to hit the unsubscribe, or worse, the report as spam button. While most of us probably do what we can to avoid typos and obvious mistakes, what about the less obvious things that you might not realise are putting your recipients off?

Here are five things you might not think to check, but you should really look at before you press send on your next campaign.

  1. Do ALL your links work? Yes you have probably checked your main link in your call to action but what about your images, social sharing buttons and any other links that are in the email?
  2. How do your images look? Pixelated, stretched or intimidatingly large images can all make your email look a bit weird so always make sure you double check their appearance and size before you press send.
  3. Is your dynamic content functioning properly? More and more email marketers are turning to dynamic content to create more personalised campaigns. While this is great for reader engagement, it can also lead to headaches if the tags aren’t pulling in the right information. Even if it’s as simple as inserting the recipient’s name at the top, make sure everything is working smoothly every time.
  4. Do your coupon codes work? If you are an online retailer or ecommerce business and you offer a discount or promotion via code in your email, make sure all the codes have been set up and are working before you press send. If you promise a discount or offer and don’t deliver, it can destroy your customers’ trust in you forever.
  5. How does your email look on mobile and other platforms? In an era where more and more people are looking at emails on a mobile device, it’s essential that your marketing emails are responsive and display well across the full spectrum of platforms and devices.

Mistakes in your email marketing can impact your recipients’ view of you and your business, and potentially impact your brand over the long term. A comprehensive checklist can help you increase your chances of avoiding a preventable mistake and being remembered by your email recipients for the right reasons.

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