If you do your email campaigns correctly, email marketing will be one of the most effective way of promoting your services and products directly to your clients. Some issues may hold your email marketing campaigns back. Please read carefully, and make sure you avoid these terrible email-marketing mistakes.

  • Forget to put a reminder of why the recipient is receiving your email
    When your subscribers open up your email they need to see first why they’re receiving an email from you.
  • Hide the unsubscribe link or forget to add it
    Make it easy and simple for people to unsubscribe from your mailings.
  • Sent a Message without Personalizing
    Your customers do not want to see “Dear“ as the greetings in your email. They want to see their real name to the subject line along with your appropriate message. This helps to prevent the message being treated as spam.
  • Using spammy words
    When you add “Biggest discount”, %50 off or even free, your subscribers will delete them all.
  • Sending emails full broken links and images
    It makes the message look like a spam and unreliable. Be careful not to waste subscriber’s time.  You need to test your content throughly before sending it.

So, I’d like to turn this topic over to you. If you come up with more terrible mistakes of email marketing, please let us know in the comments.