Building an email list is a priority for anyone who is serious about marketing a business. The more subscribers you have, the more opportunities you have to engage them, market to them and turn subscriptions into sales.

When you’re building an email list, it all starts with creating a great sign up form. Subscribe forms are an important part of the whole process and the layout and length of your subscribe forms can make a big impact on your conversion rates.

Here are five tips to help you create subscribe forms that will boost your conversions so you can build your list as quickly as possible.

1. Keep it short.

Less is definitely more when it comes to your sign up forms. While it might seem like a great idea to get as much information as possible from your subscribers, if your form looks like hard work or it takes too long to fill out, people might be put off signing up. If possible, try to keep your sign up form to a name and email address, or even just the email address. You can always send a follow up email asking for more details.

2. Tell them what’s in it for them.

To be effective, you need to sell your signup form and email newsletter. Think about what your subscribers are going to get when they sign up. Maybe it’s access to the latest discounts and special offers, or regular tips to help them improve their business. Whatever it is, make sure you tell people so they know why they should sign up. You can also create a specific incentive (often known as a lead magnet) that your subscribers get when they sign up.

3. Gain their trust.

In case your potential subscriber still needs convincing, it’s a good idea to provide proof of your credentials. Social proof is a great way to do this. If you already have an impressive number of sign ups, mention it! A quote from a happy customer or subscriber can also help reassure people that you are trustworthy and convince them that giving you their email address is a good idea.

4. Pay attention to design.

Your subscribe form should look professional and attractive. Because your subscribers are handing over their personal information (email address), you need to look reliable and trustworthy. A dodgy design can be a huge deterrent. Single column forms usually work better than those with two columns and placing the field labels inline instead of above the boxes can make your form look shorter.

5. Tell them what to expect.

Letting people know upfront how often to expect emails from you can help alleviate any spam related anxiety. It’s also a good idea to display a link to your privacy policy and make it clear that you respect their privacy and won’t sell their address to anyone. Setting expectations upfront is reassuring and another way to help build trust.

Your subscribe form is a crucial part of your overall email marketing strategy so it’s important to get it right. Follow these five tips to create great subscribe forms that will boost your conversions and help you grow your list.

What are your best tips for creating a compelling subscribe form?

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