Email marketing can be time consuming but you can still give your open rates a quick boost if you don’t have hours to spend.

The more people who read your emails the more people you have interested and engaged with your organisation, and the better the chance that you will be able to convert these people into paying customers.

So just how do you get more people to open your marketing emails? Here are seven quick and simple things you can do to increase your email open rates today.

1. Sharpen up your subject lines. When it comes to getting your emails opened, the subject line is key. A compelling, intriguing subject line will help your emails stand out among the crowd and make your recipients want to open them to find out what is inside.

2. Change your send frequency. Are you sending too often or not often enough? Sending too often can irritate people and may mean your emails go straight to the trash folder. Sending too rarely means that they might not remember who you are or why they signed up to your mailing list to start with. This can impact your open rates and could even see you sent to the spam folder. Experiment with different frequencies until you find the sweet spot that works for your audience.

3. Change your send times and days. It may sound insignificant but sending your emails at a different time of day, or on a different day of the week altogether can have a surprising effect on your open rates. If you are sending during the week, why not try a weekend? Emailing during business hours? Try sending an email in the evening instead. This is another area where a bit of experimentation along with careful monitoring of results can really pay off.

4. Don’t get mistaken for a spammer. Being sent straight to the spam folder is one of the fastest ways to make sure your emails don’t get opened, or even seen. Avoid words like “free” and “buy now” in your subject line and steer well clear of using all capitals or too much punctuation.

5. Offer an incentive to open. If you want to boost your open rates quickly, why not give your recipients a good reason to open your emails? A discount voucher, limited time offer or exclusive preview may be just the incentive they need to open your email and could in turn lead to a few more sales.

6. Segment your list. List segmentation doesn’t have to be complicated and it is a very effective way to increase your open rates and increase your customer engagement. Simple segmentation can be done through looking at previous activity and targeting people who haven’t opened or clicked on one of your emails in a certain time period. Create an exclusive offer or email just for them and you might be able to re-engage them.

7. Make your “from” name recognisable. Stranger danger is not just for kids. If your recipients don’t know who you are they may not trust you enough to open your emails. To reassure them that you are genuine, make sure your from name and sender email address are recognisable as being from you and your organisation.

While there are a number of metrics that are important when you’re marketing over email, your open rate is one of the most crucial. Your email open rate tells you how many of your recipients are actually interested enough in your emails to click on them and read them.

If you’re keen to improve your open rates, why not try these quick suggestions in your next campaign?

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