Spring finally came, while you’re on your way to go to work, stop and smell flowers, begin to think new activities or hobbies you enjoy doing. Make some spring cleaning around your house, change your clothes, and arrange your wardrobe. While you’re thinking about adding new activities in your life, I want to show you some tips about how you also get benefit form your spring campaigns. Yes, it’s also time to refresh with a spring changing and cleaning in your email campaigns. I’m already inspired by spring!

Look over your business

Check out your site, blog and emails. Clean out of date or incorrect information, grammer and vocabulary mistakes.

Change your design

Try to find a new layout for your email newsletters. Add new graphics or images in your emails. Change your image placement for your next email newsletter. You can get your subscribers attention with some minor changes in your email design.

Add new subscribers

  • Find some new and seasonal products or service to attract new subscribers. Everyone loves new and unique products. Why not displaying some and catch people’s eyes.
  • Make a spring campaign stand out from others. Give your customers or the potential ones some new deal or discount for a service or a product. Let them know your business, remember it and forward it to their contacts.
  • Test your previous campaign results. Check out your sending schedule and open rates. If you think that you did not achieve your sales or business goals, change your sending time and date.

Find and move your inactive subscribers

First try to activate your past subscribers again.

  • Email them and ask if they need anything. If you create a new product, service or application share with them in the email.
  • Create a spring campaign and send it to your inactive subscribers, wait for their responses until the campaign finishes.

If they still do not respond your afford, move those names from your active subscribers list to the past subscribers list.

Show your appreciation to your loyal customers

Provide one time special product or a service for free to your long-time customers. You can also make a discount for them. Send them a gift or a personal note even using your hand writing. Use social sites such as Facebook or twitter and thank to them on these sites. If you show your appreciation to them, create an atmosphere that they feel valuable for your business, you will create even stronger connections with your customers.

I hope your email marketing campaigns bring as much positive impact as the spring brings in our lives.