If you have an online store, you will probably already know about Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday and like Black Friday, it’s an opportunity for businesses to increase sales and get the attention of holiday shoppers by offering discounts and special deals. Where Black Friday is for physical retailers, Cyber Monday focuses on e-commerce and internet stores.

Cyber Monday came about after it became clear that there was a big jump in internet traffic on the first Monday after the Thanksgiving Holiday. This year Cyber Monday will be on December 1 so if you want to start building up the anticipation and promoting your business to Cyber Monday shoppers, you will need to start now.

How can I take advantage of Cyber Monday?

If your business has an online presence, or an online store, you can take advantage of Cyber Monday by offering discounts, special offers and incentives like free shipping. With an influx of shoppers going online to find special deals on this particular day, Cyber Monday gives you a great opportunity to attract new customers and reward regular customers for their loyalty.

It’s important that whatever you do for Cyber Monday, it’s communicated to as many people as possible. This can be done through your email marketing and through other methods like social media marketing.

When you’re planning your email marketing for Cyber Monday, there are a few strategies you can use to help improve your results, and hopefully, your sales.

  • Keep an eye on the competition. By subscribing to your competitors’ newsletters you can see what they’re doing for Cyber Monday and this will help you think of ways you can offer more value to your customers and entice them to buy from you instead.
  • Create a Cyber Monday specific marketing plan. If you run an e-commerce store, Cyber Monday is likely to be big for you so make sure you tailor your email marketing in the weeks and days leading up to it, and focus specifically on your Cyber Monday deals and specials.
  • Target your emails to be specific to your audience. Segmentation and personalisation are important email marketing techniques at any time of year, but especially now. If you can create specific Cyber Monday emails targeted at different groups of subscribers you’ll probably get better results than taking a blanket approach.

Although it’s still fairly new, Cyber Monday is gaining momentum as more people turn to online shopping to buy their holiday gifts. Make sure you’re prepared and ready to take advantage of this great opportunity to increase your sales and promote your business to shoppers at the start of the holiday shopping season.

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