Tips for sending Image included campaigns

Yesterday I received a special offer from a well-known company via email. The subject part, which implied the discount, got my attention and I clicked the page. However, the image was not displayed in my email system. It blocked the image by default. The company only used a single and a large image that does not have alt tags, no textual content explaining the promotion. It looked like an empty or broken email.

The campaign fell into my inbox but mostly, if you send image only or heavy image HTML emails to your customers, they fall into spam folders and may cause your delivery reputation to go down. Therefore your campaign will have lower open and click-through rates. Even tough those campaigns fall into customer’s inbox, image only emails with no alt-tags will cause higher spam complaints and unsubscription requests.

Below displays the bad example of an image-only campaign

Bad example

Below shows the good example of an email marketing campaign with well balanced image and text parts.

Good example

I will give you some tips for your next email-campaign and with these tips; you can increase your open rates, click-through rates and most importantly, you can decrease unsubscription rates.

  • Related to the image blocking issue, you need to include text and alt tags in your HTML email code
  • Use ALT tags on all images, describe what the image represents
  • You can add at the top of your email-campaigns “can’t view this email, click here” section. This will let your recipients to open your email on their web browsers
  • You need to test your email campaign using email design testing services before sending it. Sendloop lets you to see screen shot of your email on 40+ email clients within a minute only.
  • Keep the links as text links
  • Create an email campaign that has the right balance of HTML text to images. So, do your best to keep text parts as text
  • Keep the image size smaller or reduce the size of the image