As well as the traditional holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, there is another, less traditional, but potentially very lucrative holiday, which all email marketers should know about.

Black Friday is celebrated widely in the US and it falls on the day after Thanksgiving (November 28th this year). As it officially marks the start of the holiday shopping season, most retailers offer big discounts on this day to entice shoppers into their stores.

It has been suggested that Black Friday gets its name from the fact it’s one of the most profitable days of the year for retailers and whether you have a physical store or an online one, Black Friday is definitely well worth taking advantage of.

Customers expect big discounts on black Friday so it’s important that you make the most of this chance to up your sales by telling them beforehand about all the great offers you have through your email marketing. Shoppers often keep an eye on their inbox in the lead up to Black Friday so they can find the best discounts and plan what they are going to buy.

If you aren’t promoting yourself before Black Friday, chances are your competition is. Why should they get to have all the attention?

But I’m not a retailer – can I still benefit from Black Friday?

Even if you aren’t running a retail based business you can still take advantage of Black Friday by offering discount vouchers off your services. Or you could add additional incentives, like a free add-on for customers who purchase your services on Black Friday.

Here are a few pointers to help you tailor your emails to your customers for the best results on Black Friday.

  • Mention Black Friday and any discounts in the subject line. This will get the attention of readers who are on the lookout for specific Black Friday deals.
  • Make sure your marketing emails are mobile friendly – this shouldn’t just apply to Black Friday but it’s especially important around now as shoppers may be looking up deals on their phones while they are out and about at the shops.
  • Try to be creative in your design and make your emails stand out. You won’t be the only one sending Black Friday related marketing emails – try to use the visuals to get attention and make your emails different from the rest.

Black Friday is a great opportunity for businesses to start the shopping season off with a bang. Be aware though, that if you want to take advantage of Black Friday and get the message out to your customers, you will need to start your email marketing now.

What’s your best email marketing tip for Black Friday?

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