Well, this was a delayed decision but finally it’s here: Sendloop Community Forums.

As most of you know, we were using GetSatisfaction to host our community discussion area, however it was too far away from being a warm place to be a community discussion area. Therefore, we decided to stop using GetSatisfaction and host our own forum area on the website.

We searched for a good, easy-to-customize forum application written in php and made a decission on bbPress. It’s been developed by the WordPress team. It’s easy, based on the same WordPress backend and easy to customize.

In just a few days, we customized the user interface, wrote some plug-ins for it and prepared our new community discussion forums on the website. Check it out:


Come and say hello. It’s new, there’s no so many topics and discussions at the moment but we believe it will be popular across our user base and visitors in a very short time.

For any questions related to your Sendloop account, features, email marketing, email design or Sendloop integration, feel free to get in touch with us and other users through our forums.

Take care.