This week, we released a new metric to help you understand how much revenue you generate from your marketing automation scenarios and email marketing campaigns…

For example, you have used Sendloop’s Facebook Lead Ads integration and acquired 1,000 new leads for your business in two days. You have spent $100 for this lead generation campaign.

Afterwards, you have used Sendloop to send weekly email marketing campaigns and setup marketing automation scenarios to get those leads on your website to purchase a product you sell on your website. Out of those 1,000 leads, 670 leads have opened your emails in total. Out of 670 leads, 430 have clicked the call to action link in your email. And out of 430 leads, 50 have purchased at least one product on your e-commerce website and those sales have generated $4000 revenue. In addition to your Facebook Lead Ads spend, you have spent $118 on Sendloop to run those email marketing campaigns and marketing automation scenarios. So, the total marketing cost is $218. And the result of this marketing activity is $4000 conversion. So, the ROI (return-on-investment) is 1734.86%.

Until now, you were unable to track how many conversions have been completed on your website and the total value of those conversions. But from now on, Sendloop gives you real-time statistics about your website conversions.


Once Sendloop’s conversion tracking pixel is added to your website pages (takes only a minute, as easy as adding Google Analytics code), Sendloop will start tracking recipient activities on your website and also conversions.

The remaining step is to enable conversion tracking on your email marketing campaigns and marketing automation scenarios.

You will love this new metric a lot when you start to see increasing conversion values of your marketing campaigns.

We hope you like our new feature.