Email marketing is very competitive. According to a marketing study done by The Radicati Group, the average person receives somewhere around 75 emails per day. Out of that number, around 15 are considered spam or junk emails. These unopened pieces of cyber trash may or may not be real emails with valid information in them, but to the average eye, they just look like junk.

Your email marketing campaign doesn’t just start at a long list of interested subscribers; it evolves and grows organically as you provide information your subscribers want and need, growing eventually into repeat business and dollars in your pocket. How do you ensure that your emails don’t come across as just another piece of cyber trash that turns your subscribers off before they’ve had a chance to receive your message?

Emails that get read all have several things in common. They are personal, easy to read and have useful information for the recipient to take away. These simple aspects of a great email aren’t hard to use in your email campaign, but if you overlook them you risk turning off subscribers and losing business simply because your emails lack the honesty and quality that people are looking for.

False promises

This is one of the biggest turn-offs you can use in your email, and believe it or not most people can smell the snake oil a mile away. Stick with the facts in your subject heading, and don’t over sensationalize the content of your email to the point of being false. It’s okay to use a teasing statement for the subject, but don’t start out by making false promises or telling outright lies; it won’t work and will have the opposite effect you are looking for when readers hit ‘delete’ without ever reading your email.

No robots, please

While professionalism is important in business, it’s also important to connect to your subscribers on a more personal note. After all, marketing is basically just appealing to the very human needs and wants of your customers, so it makes sense to use the same approach in your emails. When it’s applicable, don’t be afraid to put your own personality and anecdotes into the email. It will help your subscribers relate and connect to you, and it builds a sense of trust which is vital to the success of any business.

Less talking, more action

If you want your subscribers to take action when they read your email, then you need to show them you care about them. Whenever possible, offer helpful information and advice freely in your email, or at least link back to it from your email to your blog or website. This not only makes your reader feel as though you are giving more than they are willing to pay for, but it also pulls traffic to your (hopefully helpful and personality charged) website so they can find more reasons to connect with you and spend their money with you.

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