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Double Your Email Open Rates In 2 minutes

Written by Anna Milward on April 28, 2015

We often get requests from our customers saying that they would like to resend their campaign to a portion of their subscriber list. The best way to do this is with Sendloop’s BOOST feature.

You may BOOST your recipients’ activity by sending a follow up email or an alternate version of the original email to recipients who have or have not opened or clicked on a previous campaign.

boost 1

Step by Step Instructions:

  1.  Login to your Sendloop account
  2. Click on ‘Emails’ form the top Nav
  3. Find a previous email that you would like to resend to a portion of your list
  4. Click BOOST and select the criteria, such as resending to recipients who have not clicked
  5. Click Continue and wait for your targeted list to populate, once it does select ‘Let’s send the email now’
  6. The ‘Let’s send an email now’ button takes you to the email content where you can make edits before sending.

Sending follow-up campaigns using the BOOST feature is a great way to increase your open rate. The BOOST feature allows you retarget subscribers who DID or DID NOT open or click a previous campaign. This allows for some extremely focused segmentation, and may improve your results dramatically.

If you have any questions about how to BOOST an email, please send us a message at hello@sendloop.com

Happy Emailing,

Marquina and the Sendloop Customer Happiness Team

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