Black Friday and Cyber Monday all around the world have become such days that the online-shops take note of, campaign and present yearly offers and in which people’s shopping tendencies rise.

In the circumstances, it has become high of importance that the e-commerce website owners plan these days properly in regards to e-mail marketing if they would like to increase sales and take their share from the elevated common tendency to spend.

We have pieced together the crucial points and our suggestions that must be taken into consideration while planning Black Friday and Cyber Monday e-mail marketing strategies.
The click-through rates and visit-percentages decrease in the time of holidays.
In the holidays and special occasions people receive a lot of e-mails and it becomes hard for them to show interest to all. Think of yourself, can you read all the e-mails you receive in such days? Of course not; so it is pretty normal that the click-through rates and visit-percentages decrease in such days. However the unsubscribe rates in these periods remain stable. Therefore you should take the unsubscribes and spam complaints seriously. If you realise any increase in the unsubscribe rates in these periods, take your note. This means the discounts and the campaigns you are sending in these periods do not interest your subscribers.

Do not forget your loyal customers.
If the e-mails you send are boring, annoying or irrelevant, you cannot make your subscribers into loyal customers. If you send a customer who bought 3 shirts from your online shop an e-mail about the discounts on the shirts, s/he will not be interested because s/he wouldn’t need any more shirts. Loyal customers generally would like to know what are the newest products and the discounts on those products, not the old ones.

These special occasions and holiday periods are the best opportunity to use Sendloop’s marketing automatization feature. In this way you can send the best-fit content to the best-fit subscriber at the right time.
Reach and touch your inactive customers in a different way.
What most online retail shop owners do in those days is to neglect in-active customers. While cleaning your list check on your numbers. If there are more than a quarter of inactive customers, it is most likely to turn them into your subscribers especially in these periods. If some of the subscribers are not opening your e-mails or not clicking on your links, it doesn’t mean they are ruling you out; all in all they did not leave your list or did not complain because of spam, did they? Such subscribers most likely are waiting for the right time to shop. If you have a big and irresistible offer, make sure that you send information to these subscribers too.

Announce your best campaigns.
We know how it becomes crowded in the shopping malls in these days. There are countless number of shops and options and it is hard for people to choose among all of them. You can think of their inboxes as shopping malls. In these periods inboxes are pretty full. Here the importance of the subject lines of the mails becomes apparent. The subject lines of the e-mails decide if the customers choose to open your e-mail or not in such peak times.

Therefore make sure that your campaigns, coupons, free Cargo options and other big offers are clear enough in your subject lines. Using emoticons in the subject lines of your mails can serve as a shining element among others in such periods.

Send more emails.
This is not an advise you can hear often so you can even be surprised a bit. But let us explain: when even your most loyal customers’ interest shifted to relevant others, it becomes harder for your campaign emails to achieve the expected success in the holiday periods and special occasions. This means the crucial breaking point is to appear in the inboxes no matter what. You can think of it as shouting, “I AM HERE” in a very crowded room. You do not want to bore your subscribers but it would help to remain in their minds with your campaigns and your online shop by increasing the frequency of your e-mails. While your subscribers write what they want to buy in the search bar, they can remember the campaign that you have sent them.

What remains important here is to get your permission from your subscribers when you increase the frequency of the e-mails. You can tell them that you will have great campaigns in the holiday periods and special occasions; that you would like to keep them updated and that the frequency of your e-mail flow will increase. You can place a list form in this e-mail that anyone who wishes to be updated about the special campaigns can subscribe and in this way you can renew your campaign sending-list often. Offering extra special discounts only to this list in online shopping can be a good idea to support more subscriptions.

Keep your list clean.

In these periods be careful while adding new subscribers to your subscription list. As we have mentioned you wouldn’t want to increase bounce and spam complaints in such a time that click-through and visiting percentages decrease. Avoid using a bought or a rented list. By this we do not only mean the bought or rented lists but also any list that is left to the corner, that is left from your old job or that you have received from any other colleague. Instead, send your emails to people who are relevant to you and who would like to be informed about your campaigns and new product information. A clever listing strategy is the key to success during the periods of holidays and special occasions. Black Friday and Cyber Monday may well likely be the best sales-period of your year if you know how to use and transfer it wisely!

As you can see, the holiday periods and special days are very crucial, if you want to get a share from the big spending pie! Start sending beautiful emails with Sendloop now!

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