Before clicking the send button, use the checklist below to make sure your email campaign is ready to go;

  1. Have you checked your spelling?
  2. Is your subject line short and straightforward?
  3. Have you checked your content for spamming issues? Just a quick reminder we test your email content on spam filters and provide you a report before sending to make sure that the content is spam filter friendly.
  4. Does your “from” line have your company name or brand?
  5. Is your email personalized with the recipient’s first name, last name or both?
  6. Do you have an unsubscribe button especially on the top and is it working? Just to let you know we handle this for you. Sendloop’s one-click unsubscription link makes the process easier for your recipients
  7. Are all the links working properly?
  8. Have you previewed your emails using different email client services? You can preview and get screen shots of your email taken on 44 email clients in a minute
  9. Have you checked your emails from your mobile phone? Sendloop shows you the screen shot of your email taken from  iPhone and iPad
  10. Do all your pictures or graphics have links and work properly?
  11. Does your email readable if it is not displayed on the email?
  12. Have you updated your mailing list?
  13. Are you prepared for the out of office responses?
  14. Are you ready to handle the unsubscribe requests? We handle unsubscriptions for you and make sure that your mailings are compatible with anti-spam rules and regulations
  15. Do you have a plain text version of your email?
  16. Is your call to action clearly defined?

If you answer yes to above questions, your email is ready to go to your recipients.  Do not forget to track your results using Google analytics.