Building a solid email list is the most important part of an effective email marketing campaign. I cover some effective methods in this blog today that you can use it to gain more subscribers over a short time. Here are some tips for Part 1 enjoy reading!

  •  Add a subscription form to every page of your website
  •  Make the sign-up process easy for subscribers. Just ask their names and email address
  • Offer a valuable free gift in exchange for sign-up such as a coupon, discount, audio/video or a special report
  • State your privacy policy to your subscribers in either your subscription box or a link that has a separate privacy policy page next to your subscription form
  • Post your newsletter archive on your website and make an invitation to subscribe on every page
  • You can use a pop-up window that has a subscription form and the reason to subscribe
  • Join a Joint Venture give away events to reach your potential customers
  •  Display your newsletter into your social networks as such Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Linkedin
  •  Build an opt-in form into your Facebook page and give links to your landing page via twitter
  •  Write a free ebook or an article and ask opt-in prior to download
  •  Hold live webinars (a web-based seminar) and ask for newsletter opt-in during sign-up process
  •  Blog seriously to communicate with both your potential and existing customers

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