In Part 1 I shared with you some of the email list building tactics. Now let’s move on to Part 2 to learn more tips about how to build email list.

  • Ask your subscribers to tell their friends about your newsletter and make them to subscribe
  • Try to link to the other websites or blog posts that you find useful for your subscribers. When you recommend them, they may take a look at your site and may do the same favor for your site
  • Add a link or button on your website or in your newsletter and ask your subscribers to tell their friends about your service or products
  • Write useful and informative newsletters for your subscribers
  • Make a sign-up list and carry it with you when you attend any networking events
  • Keep your blog readers informed of new posts when they sign up for updates
  • Post relevant videos on YouTube or pictures on Flickr and do not forget to include your website address
  • Submit your article or newsletter to targeted websites such as or
  • Sponsor other people’s contests and get exposure for your newsletter
  • Add your newsletter sign-up link to your signature of all of your emails
  • Use co-registration service to grow your list. Your newsletter or website appears on other websites and potential clients may subscribe your newsletter
  • Create your own affiliate program that let your affiliates promote your newsletter in return for a reasonable commission

Wishing you all the success as your list grows. If you have any other ideas about email list building, please share them with us in the comments.