We are always looking for different ways to provide better and faster service to our users whenever they need help or assistance from our side. Until now, we were providing support service via email but this has started to become a problem while our user base was growing.

We have built a brand new support center and embedded it into user area. Sendloop users can reach their support desks by clicking “Support” link on the top menu:

We did our best to keep the support center as simple as possible. Once you enter into your support center, a warm welcome message will be displayed to you.

Below the welcome message, you will see your tickets. You will be able to open a new support ticket or update existing ones with a few clicks.

This new support desk will let us to provide a faster customer service to you, also it will let you to reach your old tickets, re-open or update them.

We hope you like the new support desk and always, feel free to share your feedback with us.

Thanks for being a member of the big Sendloop family.

If you wonder about what kind of support desk system we are using, it’s definitely Helpspot because of the full featured API. Thanks go to Ian Landsman.