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Free email templates for food industry in Valentine’s Day

Written by Nalan Ahmetreisoglu on February 3, 2016

Restaurants, theaters, museums and other places to visit have their own advantages. They are great places to spend time on Valentine’s Day! If your work allows people to interact and experience new things, remind your customers that you have surprises on this very special day.

If you are the owner of a restaurant, you can offer free dessert or drink on this special day. This may attract your customers to make direct reservations and you can make coupons, discounts or organize sweepstakes for those who have made reservations. Do not forget! You must be sure that your competition and its conditions stand out in your email template.

You can reach the email template prepared for food industry in Valentine’s Day here.

valentines-resto (1)

You can attract your customers with an elegant email design that we prepared for food industry.
You can help your customers what to do and where to go in Valentine’s Day in your emails. You can recommend food menus and drinks for them and show their tables by the help of visuals. If you have no idea about it; you can share tips on cooking, making decorations or love cards.

You can write your discounts and surprises on banner space that we provide for you.


If you do not want to miss opportunities within this period, you can offer special advantage coupons and/or gifts to your customers by advertising your products and services. This method is great for directing your customers to shopping. Start creating your own campaign immediately by signing up on Sendloop.

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