Yesterday I read Seth Godin’s blog post “Represent” and thought it would be nice if I share what comes to my mind regarding contents in social media.

He states “Great brands represent something bigger than themselves. You can create this accidentally if you’re lucky, but you can create it on purpose if you try”.

When we bring this statement to an email-marketing world, we clearly see that companies who just talk about themselves do not go any further on social sites. As we all know social platforms are created for people not for brands. We should use social media to reach out people. Our products were done for people, so you need to engage with them talking about the industry, asking their feedback for a better service or a product, responding their needs, giving some solutions about their problems.

You can even share your feelings, your thoughts, a book or a video you like. People who follow your posts can learn some new things from you. Then you can become a guide or a resource to them in social sites. Gradually, you will get great results for your brand. Because people show their appreciation more if you treat them well.

If you send an email newsletter to your customers, not only you give new features about your products or service, but also you need to provide useful tips and tricks related to the industry you’re involved. Share information, tips, give advice and try to get their feedback. You need to create an interactive content for your subscribers in order to get what you deserve.