Great time for shopping. But be careful while specifying your target segment. Make sure you prepare tempting campaigns. Start promoting now, don’t wait until a day before Valentine’s Day.

Selling gift cards, offering free shipping, discount coupons, sweepstakes are always great ideas to apply at Valentine’s.

Add ‘Forward to Friend’ link on your email and let the love (which is your great products/services in this case) spread all around.

Love is in the air. So who needs an actual person to be in love with? Don’t forget to consider the singletons at that time of the year. Why not promoting your great chocolate boxes or cookies for them to eat and not feel bad at Valentine’s? If you are running a restaurant, then organise a Singleton Night just for them to enjoy and not to spend the next Valentine’s alone.

We know that you will be quite busy while using your imagination for creating campaigns. So here our surprise for you; Sendloop Valentine’s Day email template is responsive and tailored just for you! Sign up now and benefit from the love in the air!

Happy Valentine’s!


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