The Sendloop Facebook integration allows you to add your list signup form to your company’s Facebook Page. Below we show you how to set up the integration and add a sign-up form to your Facebook page.

Once you’ve logged in to Sendloop, go to Sendloop Integrations page, click “Facebook”.

Sendloop Integrations Page

Once you’ve clicked “Facebook”, you will see a Facebook integration page, click “Connect with Facebook”.

Sendloop Facebook Integration Page

After you’ve clicked “Connect with Facebook” button, click “Go to App” button below.

Facebook Application Authorization Page

Once you’ve clicked “Go to App”, click “Allow” to give  Sendloop to access the specified Facebook information below and you will be redirected back to Sendloop.

Facebook Application Permission Page

On the Facebook integration page,

1) Choose the Facebook page you want to add a sign-up form to

2) Choose the list that Sendloop will add Facebook subscribers to

Once you’ve chosen, click “Publish” button.

Sendloop Publish a Subscription Form

After you’ve clicked “Publish”, you will see your published subscription forms as a list.

Sendloop Published Subscription Forms

After you’ve completed the process above,  you can go to your Facebook page. Below is what will show on your Facebook page for your visitors to click to access your sign-up form.

Example of Facebook Sign-Up Form

Congratulations, you’ve successfully added Sendloop sign-up form on your Facebook page.