We figured out that  things we do naturally to motivate ourselves are some kind a method under the employee motivation. We create our own motivation for ourselves naturally and I thought I’d share with you how we do a great job to motivate ourselves.

We always reward each other’s motivation and accomplishment. One of the things we do is to be open and honest. We are all open about our revenue, growth and future plans.

If your company is not doing ok, share it with your employees as well. Let them learn from their mistakes and they will show a better performance next time. Because, what we do makes a real difference to the success of the company. So do not hesitate to talk to your employees.

We’re not only talking about work, but also we’re talking about what we do after the work. We hang out and do some outdoor and indoor activities together. We go to lunch together unless someone on a diet or brings food from home.

We always make an announcement what we accomplish. We organize company parties or birthday parties together. You can also take all of your employees out for drinks on Friday or weekends, you can go on a picnic together, celebrate birthdays, throw some events throughout the year.

If your company does well you can share your happiness with the employees. Show your appreciation for their hard work. We all need to hear that we are doing well in the work or on the project. We need to feel ourselves valued in order to keep our motivation high.

We love what we do and this is so important to get your motivation in the work place.

Instead of criticizing each other, we try to find a right solution. If one of us do something wrong or we feel something is not right, we talk about it or we give our opinions on it.  We always ask each other’s opinion about anything before we implement it to Sendloop.

We all know that everyone’s contribution will make a difference and carry us to the top. We help each other to learn new skills on the specific job. Adding new things in our lives also give us energy as well. We want to create enjoyable working environment.

Sometimes changing office environment feels good and brings some fresh air into the office atmosphere. We recently painted our office and everyone picked his or her own color. You can try to paint the wall to different colors, bring some snacks and drinks, time-to-time let people get out of the work early. If we are motivated enough, we will work more efficiently.

We praise every effort our team members make. We devote our energy to serve our customers a better service with our energetic lovely atmosphere.

A person needs to like the environment, company and other people and as well as they need to love what they do. So it is also important that before you start to work in Sendloop, you need to know our philosophy in order to be happy with us. Here everyone is his or her own boss most of the time.

We are a passionate team that committed to grow and improve Sendloop. If you think this work environment suits what you expect contact us and introduce yourself. We would love to work with you!