Keeping in touch with your customers via email is a better way to keep your business active in your client’s minds. But how frequently should you be connecting to them via email?

If you do your own research on the Internet, you will find out that every business has a different view about what makes it too much or too few emails. How often to send depends on what you’re offering and what is desirable to various customer segments.

Sending newsletters or promotional emails excessively can damage your business and annoy your subscribers. Customers may be turned off by repetitive and promotions, and they may stop paying attention to your service or products.  As a result you may loose your valuable subscribers.

However, frequency can also change depending on what is happening in your business like new developments, new products or discounts. If you send out a monthly email to your customers, but some important news happened after you send, you don’t need to wait the next month to share it. If you think it is important enough, you should let your customers know instantly.

In order to understand how often sending email is best for you is to watch your open and unsubscribe rates. That will tell you quickly if you are marked as a spam or if your customers unsubscribe your emails. It’s also important to measure the effectiveness of your content by analyzing your click-through rates. You will understand if your content meets their expectations by looking at those numbers.

Testing is essential to discover what your own subscribers are pleased to receive from you. One key is to understand what your customers want and you need to offer valuable content that provides the client a value and a better service, not only your clients will expect emails from you, but also they may pass on or forward to others. Responses you get from your clients will help you to follow same policy or find a different action.

I think it’s all around to find a right balance and a relevant content where you don’t loose your subscribers.

We would be happy if you share us your own formula.