Try creative, unusual and attractive subject lines
Rate your subject lines by applying A/B test and make your decisions depending on the results. In fact, we encourage you to do so until the end of the season. Remember! There is always time to do better. Please click on the link to get further information about A/B testing.

The first two sentences of your e-mail shall include the most important information about your e-mail campaign
Subject titles are the most important factors encouraging your subscribers to open your e-mail. It may create urgency, highlight special offers and able to stimulate as a result. You should ask this question when writing a subject line: Would a person reading this sentence be interested in the subject?

When preparing your campaign, you should consider the balance between visuals and written materials. Unfortunately, people do not read long articles and you should pick images that attract your consumers’ attention. For example, imagine that you sell pajamas; so, you can use photos having “pajamas party” or “pajama sets as a gift” images in them.

Do not forget Call to Action buttons
If you sell a product, you should add purchasing or briefing link your service and/or product. This post will immediately redirect your customers to sales. If your e-mail is about promotion rather than product or service, you must include your website link. You may use CTA buttons such as “See details” and “Learn more”. If you are interested in e-commerce, you may go through our templates that you can simply use.
Betta, Magnetic, Erica, Alpha, Tomato, Pansy, Switch, Snap

To increase your sales, introduce gifts and opportunities to your customers
Make offers that your customers can’t resist and want to get your products. For example, free shipping, two-for-one deal, winning a free holiday…

It is vital that your e-mails are mobile compatible
Nowadays people use their smart phones to check their email. You may lose your customers unless your e-mails are mobile compatible. Nobody cares about poor and broken-looking e-mail. All Sendloop e-mail templates are mobile compatible. You can click on this link if you want to browse.

Make targeted submissions
We recommend you to create separate subscriber lists according to their subscription interests. If make targeted submissions, your subject lines and email contents will be loved so much by your customers that your email open rates will increase. You may perform gift and promotion based submissions to your old customers. For example, imagine that you sell wine, you can send a holiday promotion for your customers who purchased red wines in the past. Hence, you can increase brand loyalty among your customers. If you want loyal customers, you can share your promotional news (with your old customers) that you plan, 2 or 3 weeks in advance. After that, we encourage you to send weekly e-mail submissions to remind this proposal.

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