Several of our clients have asked us how to get new subscribers to sign up for their email lists. One of the ways is to add a subscribe link in your email signature.

Sign-up links in your personal emails are a great way to encourage readers to subscribe to your Sendloop emails. Plus, when you add a sign-up link to your signature, you can automatically include it in all your outgoing emails.

Adding a subscribe link in your signature can be done easily with the help of our hosted subscribe pages. In order to customize the hosted subscribe page and get the URL for it, simply follow these steps:

(1) Login to your Sendloop user account
(2) Click “Subscribers” link on the top menu
(3) Click on one of the lists you created
(4) Click “Website Forms” option

Click Website Forms

(5) Click “Subscription Confirmation Page” item on the lifecycle diagram

Click Subscription Confirmation

(6) Customize the subscribe page (translate, change colors, add fields, etc.) and save customization settings.

Subscription Confirmation Page

(7) Click SAVE.

(8) Go back to the Subscription Flow and click on ‘Subscription Form’.

Website Forms | Sendloop-2

(9) Then copy the Subscription Page Address URL and place it into the email signature in Gmail (or any other app)

Copy Subscription Page URL

Voilà! You are on your way to getting more subscribers with every email that you send.

Happy Emailing,
Marquina and the Sendloop Customer Happiness Team

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