The holiday season is officially upon us and for most businesses this means it’s time to ramp up the marketing to take advantage of the seasonal shopping frenzy.

You may be keen to give your business a big push and make the most of what is for most businesses the most profitable time of year but before you hit send on the next round of seasonal marketing emails, make sure you aren’t doing anything that could impact your business negatively in the long term.

It’s easy to get carried away with your email marketing at this time of year but there are some things you need to avoid doing unless you want the repercussions to continue long after the Christmas decorations have been taken down.

Here are five things you shouldn’t do with your email marketing this festive season.

1. Spam people

In your eagerness to spread seasonal goodwill among your customers, don’t forget to make sure your marketing emails are legally compliant. Spam laws don’t take a holiday at this time of year and blacklists, fines and a bad reputation can last a long time and be hard to recover from. Ensure that anyone you are sending to has opted in to receive your emails, and make sure you’ve included an unsubscribe facility and are clearly identified as the sender.

2. Leave it too late

If you haven’t started yet you need to begin planning your email marketing campaign now. It’s a good idea to get in early when people are starting to think about their holiday shopping for the best results. If you leave it till December you may be too late and your competitors might get the better of you. With good planning and implementation, your email marketing campaign can boost your reputation and potentially lead to more sales throughout the rest of the year.

3. Ignore your data

Tracking the results of your seasonal marketing doesn’t just mean adding up your profits. Don’t forget to check the impact your email marketing is having by looking at click through and open rates. By keeping an eye on the results of your marketing strategy, you can see ahead of time whether what you’re doing is working or not and avoid wasting time and money. Results gathered from this years’ email marketing campaign can give you valuable insights to help you hit the ground running next year.

4. Bombard your recipients

Although you may want to step up your email marketing at this time of year, a tidal wave of emails can be overwhelming to your readers and could even cause them to unsubscribe to you permanently. The last thing you want to do is lose subscribers – once they are unsubscribed they are gone for good. Be aware of your recipients feelings and don’t overdo it.

5.  Forget about post seasonal sales

It’s easy to get so focused on seasonal marketing for the holiday crowd that you forget about post season sales. Early January can be a very busy time for many businesses, and keeping up the momentum with the email marketing can help you hit your readers at the time when they are in the mood to shop and snap up a bargain.

Great email marketing can give your sales a big boost and help you engage your customers this holiday season. As long as you don’t fall foul of spam laws or alienate your recipients your business can enjoy the results of a great festive email marketing strategy long into the new year.

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