If people have used your service or bought from you before, they may come back again. You need to find out why they stopped using your service or buying from you. After you figure the reasons out, you need to run that knowledge into your business to rebuild the contact with the customers. Today it’s more important than ever for businesses to keep their customers. It is more expensive to find a new customer than retaining existing customer. Therefore, you need to gain the lost ones attraction and reactivate them.

Find out why customers left and find ways to regain the customers.  Here are some reasons that the customers have no longer interest on your service or products;

  • Your service or product unnecessary to them
  • Do not have a sufficient contact with you
  • A lack of cooperation between departments
  • Do not satisfy with your product or service
  • Find too expensive
  • Competitive offer is more attractive

If you have lost the customers either for the above reasons or any other reasons, you need to focus on what they expect from you or what their needs are.

You can easily start a dialog and engage with your customers via email. You can create, send and track your email campaigns fast and without any stress. You can track your analysis and efficiency for your email marketing affords to win back the customers.
Here are some suggestions you can do to bring your customers back and stay connected with them via email marketing

  • Send out emails or email newsletters
  • Keep in touch with them via emails and bring them into your social networks (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.)
  • Show them how they are important to you, do not let them feel they are ignored
  • Attract them with the time-limited offers (promotions, sales, discounts) and let them use your service or products again
  • Send them gift cards or happy birthday wishes on their birthdays
  • Give some useful information about your business, may be new products or new applications
  • Always ask them what they expect from you. If you don’t ask, you will never learn the reasons they left and you can’t win them back

If you have more suggestions please share them with us. We would love to learn more from your experience.