Acquiring new customers in these days is the most challenging task for entrepreneurs… End users are bombarded with lots of special offers, email newsletters and alternative solutions for their needs…

You need to find a very effective way to attract attention of prospects matching your target customer criteria. Once you find them, they usually enter a funnel which we call as “Trial Period”. No matter you have a trial plan on your SaaS, e-commerce site or application, a new prospect on your system means a new trial user.

Getting them into your trial period is not enough… Without well-executed communication with your trial period users, almost all of them will go away at the end of the trial period (unless you have a super duper product which solves a real problem very well).

Once a new prospect (user) enters into your SaaS trial period, it’s time to start communicating with the new user. It must be personal and educational to help user to get used to your service.

You must send as much emails as you can to the trial user. Of course, you should keep the balance right when sending emails. Too many will cause frustration and unsatisfaction. Too little will cause your trial users forget your service, quickly.

First of all, setting up a trial period message schedule is tricky. If you want to “schedule” it yourself, you will find yourself digging into your website/application code and writing lots of conditions and codes to email. Every single change will mean a new coding and deployment to your website. Therefore, a third party professional service such as Sendloop Engage will help you at this point and save tens of hours of development.

Once you have the right tool ready, simply integrate it into your website so that the user data starts flowing in… It takes only a few seconds and as easy as integrating Google Analytics when using Sendloop Engage.

Once you have the user data, it’s time to sit down and create a message schedule on the paper. Simply take a new paper and start writing the number of trial days on it. In this example, let’s assume your trial period is 14 days.

Warm Welcome Email

The first email must be very personal, warm and from the founder. The email content must be focused on welcoming the user and giving one sentence UVP (Unique Value Proposition) about your service. Don’t forget that you must set a working, monitored reply-to email address so that you can be in touch with your users. This is the main objective. It’s usually good to send this first email the day after they signup.

Educational Getting Started Email Series

The second email must focus on getting user used to your app. But sending a standard email describing how to create something in your app will not be enough. Especially if the trial user has already done it! So, the message should be smart and should be sent to the right person only. Therefore, you can set a message series to be sent based on specific conditions, such as;

  • Send to “Trial” user if the user has not created any “something (let’s assume project)” and it’s been 3 days since they signed up
  • Send to “Trial” user if the user has created at least one “project” but haven’t added any milestone and it’s been 3 days since they signed up

As you see above, we have created two emails which gets sent on 3rd day after the user signs up but on different conditions. So, the right person gets the right email at the right time!

Case Study Email and Trial Period Reminder Email

The next email may be focused on a case study from an existing customer in your app. The email can be a short interview made between you and your customer, explaining how your service is easy and solves a real problem.

Final Educational Email and Trial Period Reminder

On the 9th day, if the user has not created any project yet and didn’t login since 3 days, you can send a final email explaining how easy to create a project and remind user that trial is going to expire in a few days. To set this email, you can define the following conditions:

  • Plan is “Trial”
  • Signed up 9 days ago
  • Last seen at least 3 days ago
  • No project has been created

Trial Period Expire Notification and Call-To-Action For Upgrade

On the 15th day, you can send a final reminder email and ask user to upgrade his account to continue getting benefit of your service.

Communication plays a very important role if you are into SaaS business, e-commerce business or application development business. When you do communication right and smart, you maximize the engagement of your users.

With Sendloop Engage, you can integrate into your own system in seconds and setup your message schedule in minutes. Sendloop Engage will help you to maximize both engagement and retention of your users and customers, as easy as possible.

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