How to set up The Sendloop Facebook integration and add a sign-up form to your Facebook page here in our new blog post. Below is the old version of this application.


If you are looking for a way to put Sendloop mail list subscription forms to your Facebook profile or Facebook page, you will find this guide quite useful.

This guide consists from two sections. The first section explains how to create a facebook page. To learn more about Facebook pages, please visit the Facebook Help Center

The second section explains how to put Sendloop subscription form inside your Facebook page (or profile).

By the way, you may be asking why someone should publish a mail list subscription form on Facebook? There may be many reasons but some of them can be;

  • Requesting permission to send email before your product launch
  • Announcing a new service
  • Keeping up-to-date your Facebook page fans

Section 1: How to Create a Page in your Facebook Account?

If you have already a Facebook page that has been set up before, skip this section.

Let’s start to create a page in your Facebook account:

Creating your Facebook Page

To create a Facebook page, you must first log on to Facebook using your personal account. Next, type in “Create New Facebook Page” in the search box located near the Facebook logo on top of the page or directly visit the following URL:

Create a Page

You have a choice as which type of page you would like to set up under Page Creation page. On this page you make a selection, pick one of these 6 categories for your new page. When you do, the image flips up and shows a drop-down box where you can choose something very specific to that category and you can then type out the “Name” for your page.

Once you completed, check the box to “Agree to Facebook Pages terms” then click the “Get Started” button

You created your Facebook page congratulations!

After you have set up your Facebook page, you can get your fans to signup for your email newsletter, I will show you how you can make it. Let’s move into the next section to create a subscription form

New Page

Section 2: How to Create An Application For Sendloop Subscription Form?

Before creating a Facebook app, you will need to generate the subscription form for your mail list in your Sendloop account. To do this, login to your Sendloop account, go to the overview page of your subscriber list and click “Website Integration” link. You can customize your subscription form on this page and then once you click “Generate” button, the HTML code for your subscriber list will be displayed to you. Copy the HTML code and create a file under your website for this form. You will use this URL below when creating your Facebook app.

Until we make our Facebook app ready, you will need to create an “application” on facebook to show subscription form on your Facebook profile or page.

On your web browser, please visit

Below shows the image page after you typed, and then click the “Apps” button.


By clicking the “Allow” button the permission prompt appears, click “Allow” to continue.

Request for Permission

After you click “Allow”, click “Create New App” button.

Create New Application

Type your business name in the box, check the box to the “I agree to the platform privacy term” and then click “Continue”.

  • App Display Name
    Name for your app as displayed to Facebook users.
  • App Namespace
    Unique namespace for your app. For example, “com.mydomain.subscribe”

Business Name

You need to fill the form. The description of the fields was given below. If you are done, click the “Save Changes” button.

  • App Display Name
    As same as before you write
  • App Namespace
    As same as before you write
  • Contact Email
    Email address for this app’s owner
  • Category
    Select category for your app Under the “Page Tab”
  • Page Tab Name
    User-facing title of your Page app (It will be shown on the left hand side of your page, link to the subscription form)
  • Page Tab URL
    Subscriber form’s url on your web site
  • Secure Page Tab URL
    Secure url of Subscriber form on your web site


You need to select which page you would like to add your company to and then click “Add to Page” and click “Close”.

Add to Page

Subscribe the Newsletter

Now, you can see the “Subscribe our Newsletter” section that you created on the left side of your page. Congratulations!

For any questions, feel free to get in touch with us anytime. I am also excited to inform you that we will be releasing a Facebook app very soon which will let you to insert mail list subscription forms easier.