When it comes to your email marketing, creating a newsletter that will actually achieve results for your business is about more than just throwing a few words on a page and pressing send.

If you’re going to get the best possible results from your email marketing, you need to create newsletters that are actually going to drive your engagement and sales up, and not drive your customers away.

When you’re creating your next email newsletter, there are a few things you will probably want to think about, if you want to actually get results for your business.

Find a great email service provider

This can’t be stated enough. Never send marketing emails from your Outlook or Gmail account. This is a classic spammer tactic and there’s a good chance that your email won’t get through and your IP address could be blacklisted by the internet service providers.

A reputable email service provider like Sendloop can not only keep your emails out of the spam folder, you will also get access to tools and features to manage your list, make your emails more effective and help you track the results of your campaign, all essential if you want to be successful over the long term.

Pay attention to design

A great email newsletter starts with a clear, professional design. Your email newsletter should be branded with your logo and designed to match the rest of your business branding including colour scheme and fonts.

One thing to check when you are designing your newsletter is that it displays well in different email clients, and on mobile devices. Your emails may look fantastic in Outlook but if they don’t show up properly in Gmail how many click throughs could you be missing out on?

Great design also means easy navigation. Don’t forget to include visible call to action buttons and make sure all your links work. Avoid over-cluttering your emails and for extra eye catching appeal, pick some attention grabbing images.

Send regularly (but not too often)

Consistency is one of the drivers of success in any email marketing campaign. Once you start sending email newsletters, your recipients will start to expect them so it’s important that you email on a regular schedule. Being consistent with your email marketing campaigns helps you present yourself as professional and reliable and builds trust with your recipients.

Deciding how often to send your email newsletter can be hard. As a rule, anything more than once a day is probably too much, and less than once a month could mean people forget about you. If you aren’t sure, once a week is often a good target to aim for.

Create awesome content

So you’ve got a schedule, and you’ve got a great looking design, now comes the tricky part. What should you write in your email newsletter?

The key to writing email newsletters that will actually get read is to make them interesting and targeted to the person receiving them.

Here are a few ideas for content that your readers might enjoy:

  • How-to guides and tutorials to help them solve a problem
  • Latest industry research and news
  • Information about upcoming events and promotions
  • Special offers and discounts they can use
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Customer case studies

When thinking of content topics, remember to focus on what might be valuable to your recipients. This will help engage your recipients and make them want to open your emails.

Once you’ve implemented the above steps, don’t forget to track your campaign results so you can see how well your email newsletters are doing!

While it can be a very effective strategy when it’s done well, if used badly, email marketing can quickly become a very effective time waster. It’s definitely worth taking a bit of time to make sure your email newsletters are as effective as possible so you can use them to help you get great results for your business.

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