When you set an email to automatically welcome new subscribers to your list, you have one opportunity to create a good impression: your welcome email will set the mood for the rest of your relationship with your subscribers. It’s important to delight the recipient, so that he’ll be excited to open every other email you send him.

Break Out of the Mold From the Start

The typical welcome email is a boring, formal announcement that a subscriber has successfully managed to give you his email address. Most people archive or delete such messages as soon as they open them. Even the beginning of your email needs to stand out, so that you can get readers’ fingers away from that delete button.

Welcome them to your email list and, right off the bat, make them your friends. Exactly how to do that depends on the audience you’re working with. For some people, an unexpected gift (like an ebook) can seal the connection. For others, it’s just a question of telling an entertaining story that will lead directly into your future emails. Consider testing different options if you aren’t already familiar with what wins over your readers.

Look for Opportunities to Start a Story

You almost certainly have a story that underlies the reason you’re offering subscribers the chance to hear from you. It’s not necessarily something you need to unload in a single email, but your welcome email is the perfect place to start telling a story to your readers. It’s a way to cement your connection and keep them looking for your next update.

Give Readers Something to Look Forward To

Your welcome email is just the first of many emails your subscribers will receive from you. While new subscribers may join your email list at any time, you should have a clear idea of where your emails are going, so that you can highlight what readers should expect or tease them with great content.

You want your welcome email to match precisely with the other messages you send out. If you don’t keep your initial email updated, it’s easy to slip into doing something entirely different. That makes the switch from the welcome email into the main list updates jarring, and can ruin all the hard work you’ve put into your first contact with subscribers.

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