After doing some research on emails that are being sent by Sendloop, I’ve put together a list of things you can do to reduce your emails fall into spam folder or being marked as spam. There are some ways to increase the email delivery rates.

Use double opt-in. You can reduce the threat of blacklisting by implementing the double opt-in in your emails. After the recipient signs up, the opt-in conformation can be sent to your subscribers to conform their subscription. This way recipient can recognize your newsletter

Clear subject line. Make your subject lines clear and easy to recognize for your recipients. Make sure it doesn’t look like spam or spam characteristic words. Avoid using all capital letters and exaggerate amount of using exclamation points in the subject line

Keep your list up-to-date. Make sure you keep your list up-to-date. Because the email recipient can change the address or no longer use to that email address you always send

Keep your list clean. You should always keep your list clean by recording bounced emails (undeliverable emails) and unsubscribe requests. You should delete them from your list. You need to delete also inactive users from your list as well. Your list should not have an invalid or improperly formatted email addresses. Check your email list and delete those addresses and also monitor the black list report. We do this automatically for you and keep you away from invalid email addresses

Ask your subscribers to add you to their safe list (white list). You should ask your subscribers to add you on their contact list after they join your mailing list to prevent your emails being identified as spam

Send emails consistently. Send emails regularly. Mail servers always look at e-mailers sending history and you can also prevent recipients forget why they signed up. Besides, try to send emails on the same day at near the same time

Use relevant content. Your emails should have a relevant content for your recipients. If you send an email including inappropriate content they will report your email address as spam

Add unsubscribe link. Make sure to place unsubscribe link at the top of your emails and make it super easy for your recipients unsubscribe it. We handle unsubscriptions for you, so you do not need to worry

Use consistent from address. By using a consistent from address, your subscribers will get used to receiving your emails

Minimize graphics and the size of emails. Make your emails small and if you use graphics keep the size minimum

Next week, we’ll share the technical process of improving email deliverability. You can check back next week for the remaining blog post about how to improve email deliverability rates.